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International police strikes contest China kongfu shows invincible might to brea

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Police of international of sina sports dispatch strikes the contest passed intense contend of two days, strode eventually finals phase. The start shooting in the pressing mood that wonderful concluding battle expects in the audience.

In the woman in the contention of final of runner-up of coronal of 60 kilograms of class, chinese player He Wei, Yang Guang spread out intense contend. Heavy fist of He Wei and exuberant aggression consciousness make brethren sister wards off blows hard, the Yang Guang that final actual strength inferiors to prepare a bit is not had be able to bear or endure waive the right. He Wei held champion pot in both hands in the hip of the audience. The boxing foot photograph of ” of “ brethren sister to with refuse to give up to extend fair agonistic system
Now perfect without involuntary discharge of urine, make exotic person of the same trade gasp in admiration not.

Next Chinese player is like dragon and Su Ban of Thailand Hei Xiaohuo - A natrium plays the intense enter into rivalry that developed man 66kg form especially, face him contrast is strong a lot of force adversary, xiao Chenglong is just as a Shui Jiaolong, the firm ram that depends on dozen of quick way and adamancy poured the Thailand player that with oneself actual strength comparatives. If wish,snatch “ the first ” . In the argue of the man of 86kg class, the Dai Rui of Chinese player Zhu Bingwen and United States - Waters entered concluding battle area the climax. “ China team is cheered! ” flooded whole stadium. Acoustical loud cry in the audience is medium, zhu Bingwen saw the height advantage of adversary by right of his clever activation, with dovish and strong, essence excellent leg meritorious service sweeps opponent madly, the United States is big tall and faint ward off blows, fall down again and again. Chinese kongfu shows its original male wind faultlessly below the boxing foot in Zhu Bingwen, rise from all directions of the applause on pavilion, hip and hurrah ripple in stadium all around! Face driving rival, dai Rui - Waters is forced to look at champion helplessly to pot and he brushs a shoulder and pass. Zhu Bingwen ascended ” of champion “ throne. In the man antagonism of other heavyweight, sun Tao, thank Yan Jiang, Zhang Guoli to wait to all win the contest with excellent performance, held all champion pot in both hands.

In the match indirect in, the peak accepted leader Li Jie and Liu cloud to interview, they say Chinese wushu marchs abstruse motion hope is very big 2008, difficulty is great also, central leader can give height to take seriously. March the collective desire that the spirit of Olympic Games, wushu of culture the quintessence of Chinese culture that promotes our country is our Wei old people and wushu lover! This second those who strike the contest showed Chinese time adequately is broad and profound, also will strengthen national boundaries at the same time alarm border collaboration, make Chinese wushu can become gram enemy to send those who get the better of capture art, hit guilty one's share effectively.
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