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World cup wushu comes loose include of dozen of team of contest concluding China

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Red net Guangzhou on November 14 dispatch (He Shuang of reporter of reporter rainstorm exercitation) arrive 14 days afternoon in the evening, the audience of nearly 10 thousand spots of gymnasium of Guangzhou the Milky way witnessed Chinese wushu to come loose those who hit is powerful. The wushu of the 2nd world cup that concluding that evening comes loose dozen of contest, chinese team won 10 gold in 17 gold, it may be said is this second contest is the biggest win the home. So far, wushu of current world cup comes loose hit contest to end satisfactorily.

Match of current world cup kicked off on November 12, through contend of 3 days, produced a men and women each level in all 17 gold. By medicinal powder hit star willow sea otter to present as leading role Chinese wushu comes loose dozen of team, 11 rank that join in place (include a men and women) in, in the woman besides Sun Hui 70 kilograms of class abandon the match making because of the injury besides the gold that the He favour of adversary Vietnam wins an accident, other men and women is various won a victory.

Chinese wushu comes loose when the reporter is being accepted to interview after hitting Guan Jianmin of ” of coach of gold of national group “ to end in whole match, not without joyance the ground expresses: The actual strength of “ China team is preeminent of be obvious to all, the tactics that before this shows us, decorates is correct, and team member people in the training before it is very assiduous, they got they should get. ” at the same time, the division that Guan Jianmin wins to this also expressed great expectations: “ no matter wushu is final whether enter 2008 the match project of Beijing Olympic Games, I or hope China wushu come loose hit a team to be able to represent Chinese wushu come loose truly hit top level, can sea otter of many a few willow such star, let more people pay close attention to wushu to come loose truly dozen of match. ”

Man wushu of champion of 80 kilograms of class, China comes loose when sea otter of willow of the star that play game is accepting a reporter to interview, also express, no matter current world cup is spent from the attention of match organization or masses in light of, come loose than the wushu of first world cup that held in Shanghai last year hit contest to have very great progress. “ shares the player of 23 countries and area this to attend, and the match of female athlete was joined newly also come in, the level that finds everybody is rising ceaselessly, the support of spot audience is very enthusiastic also, such everything lets us these taking part in the match the athlete is particularly excited, can give first-rate state. ”

It is reported, ace of international Wu Lin people a wushu that will hold at be in Paris next year comes loose dozen of world bright and beautiful enrol too on contest.

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