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Wolf " have many from Chinese military division far- - world cup wushu comes loo

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“ kongfu king wushu of the 2nd world cup comes loose hit match ” to ring down the curtain satisfactorily a few days ago, the ace of 68 top Wu Lin of 23 countries and area undertook in Guangzhou city gymnasium 5 compare Wu Lunjian 3 days. Take part in the match the player is to win championship contest of wushu of the 7th world entirely the before each level 3 person that above average, make this second match becomes culture of thing square wushu to compare the global Wu Lincheng that go all out to meet greatly.

World cup wushu comes loose hit the match to move this year division Guangzhou, match level is added reach 17, add woman item first; And take part in the match country and area also achieve 23, increased 7 than the first. The woman's advantage and pressing

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The woman that was on world competition ground last year in November comes loose dozen, entered a world cup first again this year. Although play the iron girl that Bencibi surpasses people basically be come loose with wushu of the 7th world before making championship contest 4 qualification takes part in the match, but 5 China girl still showed before the strong opponent make the world the powerful dominant position of inapproachable hand.

Chinese woman comes loose hit dominant position, depended on us having “ to start apparently the time of ” is wrong. The development of world athletic sports, the sports project that the woman enters will be increasing. We own system of the whole nation, OK and rapid “ starts ” , obtain as other as the world country and area “ to start the advantage with ” wrong time. Hammer of hop of the woman pole-vault with for instance medium track and field, woman, woman, these projects are the be among the best of candidates on alive at the beginning bound, the advantage after successor home develops is broken gradually. Consequently, how to maintain a dominant position, be type of boat of travel of against the current is pressing. Man large scale has a breakthrough

China basically takes part in the match the player has Liu Hailong, Zheng Yuhao, Tai Puqing, Qin Li child, Li Bijin, Zhang Shuai can be mixed bank note will wait for ace. As a result of in recent years wushu comes loose the promotion that is made in abroad is swift and violent, resemble at present Russia, Iran, Philippine the level that waits for a country progresses very quickly, liu Hailong of ” of a suit of armour of leg of willow of the “ before contest is in when speaking of difference of level of each country player, appear very condescending, he says: We are in “ now problem of the it doesn't matter on small level project, but the large scale player of Russia, Iran has constituted menace to Chinese player. ” but the man that Bencibi surpasses in final of class of 90 kilograms of above, chinese Wu Song records an again and again to will leave contest stage to hand push, with the standards of 2 Mu Si tower that compare Egypt of 0 beat easily, carry off champion, adapted China comes loose hit a player to be in large scale match gold the record of 0, also make China comes loose the gain that made a bound see firm catchs physical ability to train. Chinese athlete for bank note, although progress of a lot of players is very rapid, but what I believe we can progress is faster. Reveal ethical culture
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