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Wolf " have many from Chinese military division far- - world cup wushu comes loo

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Economy the more globalization, culture should show the nation is changed more. Current race took the culture of wushu seriously to reveal.

In the music with relaxed and slow opening ceremony, the connecting with the boxing skill that white path takes plays when child case with Yin Rou be good at too extremely; Compact in musical clang, little forest the clique covers a region with Yang Gang's strong wushu will little forest quintessential dedication gives an audience. The Buddhist child of move yellow gown, Taoist school rabbi that wears Taoism priest hat is approved one batch turn over arena, fly show move, respective performance is sent originally masterly kongfu, too extremely, little forest fist, horsetail whisk, knife, sword, rod is in the music in firm soft alternate with one by one on the stage show, war, manner all shows, win an applause.

Chamber of commerce is enrolled to go up before contest, the reporter ever saw except little forest, fierce is become, the coterie such as delegate of hill of cave of treasure photograph temple, Kong and Liu Hailong person outside, film person Deng founds a state also is the member of this second contest organizing committee. He introduces: The name is " highest grade wushu " the film will be patted at leaving October, piece medium a few fight each other, match clue draw materials the match at current contest, right the actual combat occasion such as practice. The occasion of actual acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance in film will be right of wushu popularize add fuel to the fire.

Come loose in wushu dozen of athletics besides, chinese wushu has originallied no longer the pace is self-given, trying to pull a hand with bound of culture, medium, movie and TV gradually however, conspire to develop; With the form that easier humanness accepts, all-around on world wushu arena a series of culture connotation such as the aesthetic, morality that the ground reveals the Chinese nation, philosophy.

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