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World cup wushu comes loose the China that play game harvests 10 gold female los

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Xinhua net Guangzhou the “ of electric China is super on November 14 medicinal powder hit king ” Liu Hailong not to lose popular confidence, 14 days of evening in kongfu king wushu of the 2nd world cup comes loose hit the match to go up with 2: Conquer of be born of 0 flat profit the Ruifate of Egypt team.

Perhaps be to be fear of Liu Hailong, man 80 kilograms of course are only two people sign up, make this level surpasses only. Exert of willow sea otter is hit, kick, cast time, notch one after another, especially his tumble kongfu is apparent prep above adversary, get dichotomy for many times. And height arm grows Ruifate, also let Liu Hailong suffer, but him after all actual strength not good, physical strength is not raised, candidly admit defeat.

Liu Hailong's victory, make Chinese team in kongfu king wushu of the 2nd world cup comes loose the place in playing the game obtained gold number to achieve 10.

Wushu of the 2nd world cup comes loose last game that played the match 14 days to have all level. Chinese team shares 11 players to give fight in this match, 6 male players carry off entirely gold, 5 female athletes carry off 4 gold.

The woman competition that current match creates first, chinese player advantage is clear. The Li Yonggong of 48 kilograms of class obtains an advantage to win to Ni Fu of Philippine team Zhan; The Qin Li of 52 kilograms of class child with 65 kilograms of class bank note will part with 2: Carat of team of Romania of 0 beat easily is pulled and Turkey team overcomes United States spy; The Ni Chunqiu of 60 kilograms of class is right the final of American team susan, because the other side abstains not battle and get the better of.

Woman occurrence accident of match of 70 kilograms of class, the Sun Hui of Chinese team to Vietnam team He Is hope, the first bureau falls, kick offensive time and again procurable, win victory with clear advantage, but abstain because of getting hurt, champion puts in He 's charge favour is all.

Vietnam team wins woman contest two gold. Except 70 kilograms of class, wu carry on one's shoulder is in this team the win instead of lose in final of 56 kilograms of class, beat the Aerdu of Turkey team.

The advantage of small rank of Chinese group man still very big. Zhang Shuai of 56 kilograms of the Li Bijin of 52 kilograms of class, class but, in finals with 2: 0 respectively luck of Er of team Deng Da, Philippine gang surpasses beat easily Turkey Er. The Tai Puqing of player of 70 kilograms of class that already got the better of with 2: 0 get the better of Russia team Mulate, thereby with two battle two success achievement win championship. The Zheng Yuhao of the Chinese team of player of Russia of 13 days of win by a narrow margin, to sri lanka team Aierweisi obtains an advantage to win, also with two battle two success achievement carry off champion of 75 kilograms of class.

Wu Song collection is in Chinese team the two battle in two days of matches get the better of the head to already obtained a man ahead of schedule completely champion of class of 90 kilograms of above, 14 sunset have a fight.
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