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World cup wushu comes loose the China that play game harvests 10 gold female los

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Chinese male player did not play the game of 5 level. Final of 48 kilograms of class, philippine team blocks tower orchid with 2: 0 got the better of Yemen team to breath out Sinaier. Final of 60 kilograms of class, korea team Jin Junlie 2: 1 defeat Azerbaijan team cling to haing Latin. Final of 65 kilograms of class, egypt team Aierbadi 2: 0 get the better of Korea team Zheng Shengxun. Final of 85 kilograms of class, luck of Iranian team addition with 2: 0 get the better of husband of Azerbaijan team Lhasa. Match of 90 kilograms of class, the Mo Lan of Russia team tower that already got the better of with 2: 0 beat Daniel of south Africa team, with two battle two success achievement gain the championship.

Current world cup comes loose hit contest to be mixed by international fierce couplet Chinese fierce assist, bureau of Guangzhou city sports is sponsorred jointly, wu Lin meets Guangzhou city company of sports culture transmission and Guangzhou city fierce assist etc undertake.

First world cup comes loose playing game is to was in Chinese Shanghai to hold 2002, set a man the match of 11 level, chinese team sends 7 people to give fight, won 6 gold.

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