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Century of fierce altar Changsha is right definitely coronate of miracle of will

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Special telegram of morning paper Changsha (special correpondent He Xi) Chinese wushu comes loose contend for hegemony surpasses dozen of king to perform total final in Changsha yesterday. After the fierce Number One Scholar of 6 different level passes battle royal, sea otter of young general willow creates a miracle, get the better of heavier than oneself player repeatedly, ascend first “ of top China to come loose all the way dozen of king ” .

6 champion are divided into two groups, in the first group, the Geriletu of 65 kilograms of class and 75 kilograms of Liu Hailong of class come on the stage above all. Face the rival with leg admirable law, geriletu can guard a door to prevent with straight fist only, put to good use of wait for one's chance throws a law. Law of fist of willow sea otter is not weak also, win 3 bureaus repeatedly. After the thing lies between 10 minutes, liu Hailong gives fight once more, meet the Qiao Xiaojun of ” of “ champion killer that weighs many kilograms 10 than oneself head-on, qiao Xiaojun is in conquer is numerous after the famous general, be considered as to come loose the person that make the strong contention of king, but he gives heavy fist power without play in the match, aggression is very hesitant. Good a Liu Hailong, successive a few alone the door breaks off a leg to hit door of Qiao Xiaojun side,

The 2nd bureau is a few the leg is placed after face about, in court action, win out continuously two bureaus, with 2 than adversary of 1 get victory, become in recent years first cross the player of level get victory. The 2nd group Ren Yanbing is hit very loosen, your audience attacks a section to applaud. Group contest finishs, two people cent lists Liu Hailong and Ren Yanbing group the first, enter total champion to contend for battle. In finals, face him contrast became big two player, liu Hailong is without a look of fear, active You Dou, defend in imply aggression, a few times heavy fist is accelerated fall, get the better of 3 bureaus repeatedly unexpectedly. In the 4th bureau, force of 2 human body has been used up big, go all out to death with all one's strength, more agile Liu Hailong is more instead hit opponent, ren Yanbing is right now unresponsive, give a fist to already lost accuracy, and physical strength of willow sea otter is used up bigger, also prop up hard, but bang madly in heavy fist of Ren Yanbing in, still insist not to fall, gained final victory eventually, become China wushu the first person.

This year medicinal powder hit contest of king contend for hegemony to draw the throughout the country all and top-ranking ace, all previous classics the go on an expedition of 9 months, the 25 provinces city that take part in the match also eduction order of seats, shandong band handsome appearance comes forth in large numbers, first what group success arranges each line, henan, Shaanxi is paratactic the 2nd, jiangsu team ranks 4.