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Chinese wushu meets peaceful fist Wang San head-on to because the injury avoids,

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12 years old begin to practice peaceful fist, 14 years old those who begin altar of sortie profession fist add hero to come from peaceful fist old and well-known family, professional fist hand also is when its father is young. Be confused to Chinese fist and character, add hero be being made classically is what hold in Macao 4 years ago is medium peaceful strikes contend for hegemony is surpassed. At that time year only 21 years old add hero technical knockdown older than oneself “ China of 4 years old comes loose Yuan Yubao of dozen of ” of Wang Zhong king. Adding hero is the Thai of a gentle actually besides boxing stage. Mention mix in those days Yuan Yubao's match, add hero to call adversary “ very strong ” , just began him “ to have bit of nervous ” , but the development as the match, he mastered dozen of magic art of Yuan Yubao slowly. Wherefrom field match comes loose with what what study before contest in making a video tape, add hero to think China comes loose inadequacy of dozen of existence “ force, point of fall is frame-up the weakness of ” , this also is the real reason that he calls Chinese player “ too soft ” before this. The regulation that Bencibi surpasses will be made a bit alter, the time of every match will be compared increase one minute before. Game time increases the peaceful fist regulation that accords with a tradition, but main regulation or in be helpful for quite square. This second in in contest of peaceful contend for hegemony, the cent cost that throws a law to be occupied in the place in the match is very high, the mark of stroke is relatively inferior, and medicinal powder hit and the good qualities of peaceful fist depends on throwing law and stroke respectively, add hero to think this regulation is right so peaceful square adverse. According to introducing, set-to regulation mixes peaceful fist of Europe basically the regulation of peaceful fist itself is identical, just forbid to use ancon to attack. But the genu of idiomatic way supports and ban ” without “ , although Euramerican player put oneself in another's position is strong muscularity, but the with facility that Thailand player calls however. And China comes loose hit characteristic is a road agile and changeful, rhythm is fast. In contest of contend for hegemony of king of fist of the peaceful in advancing 4 times when had gone here, square achievement is in 3 get the better of 1 negative. Report from our correspondent because of reason close down China of challenge of Thailand fist king comes loose the match of dozen of king, will spread out again in gymnasium of Guangzhou the Milky way on July 22. The day before yesterday midday, the peaceful fist king of 75 kilograms of class adds Thailand male (“ actor amounts to boxing name dry ”) arrives at Guangzhou. The “ that sponsors Fang Yuan to still would ask a body to be in Guangzhou originally is super medicinal powder hit king ” Liu Hailong to join in this second match, dan Liuhai dragon states he has in the body, the member that can hold the position of the explanation that Bencibi surpasses on invitation only. [By screen advertisement]
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