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Comment: [Sichuan city comes loose dozen] write world cup commentary newly

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(female case female have land of slow leisurely of the ground, slow leisurely, be the same as below) : Each audience, good evening oh. We are the states that make Germany in a of Europe now, give everybody hookup 2006 match of world cup pin ball, welcome everybody to watch. The sports match explanation that I am XX TV station member rise firmly, taking those who go up to the side of me is famous pin ball comment expert is not anxious. We begin hookup race below, in hoping wide audience is watching the process of the match, not loudly roaring, do not want whisper to each other, do not blame team member, do not criticize a judge, make a good audience that tells civilization to know courtesy.

Holand VS is Portuguese:

Portuguese Xiaoluo is taking a ball to run forth, kick of team member of a Holand (Sichuan word reads Zua, similarly hereinafter) he one foot, he falls to the ground. The judgment goes by looking, a this judgment is Russia old pal 10 thousand fall husband, the eye is a bit incorrect, xiaoluo points to him to look -- -- leg lever rots by kick. 10 thousand collect husbands are very angry, felt card of a piece of red shop sign, holand that team member is punished went down. Hit, a Portuguese team member runs again Dutch of kick other people one foot, laomo walks up, feel card of a piece of red shop sign to also punish him went down. Hey? On field how randommer and randommer? Again two people are punished by card of red shop sign went down. Alas! These present youths, the accost of old pal is inexorable went, look, comrade Laomo is not pressed down simply hall child. Ball of this appearance kick how good? Will want cloth chairman to call together each team and judgment to attend a meeting tomorrow, the chief of group of be careful in one's conduct of record of international foot couplet also should play, constituent ensemble team member and judgment learn seriously " 8 Rong Bachi " , contrast him examination is in all sorts of behavior in the match, put an end to similar incident to happen again stoutly. Laomo was blown cry, the match ended, portuguese 1 than 0 won.

Italian VS Australia:

Alas! Kick 90 minutes, a ball was not rectified go in, the injury stops now when filling, fill 3 minutes. Ye! That what child case long-winded, ground of Pan of muscle muscle Pan is being gone to tribute of forbidden zone within, a team member pours Australia to the ground to shovel him, ref was blown cry, the hand points to, oh ah, met with one orders a ball. Australian team member runs to say with the judgment, the judgment pays no attention to wait they. Of penalty shot of Italian team preparation is them that individual that team within pulls the land, walk along approach to go kick one foot, this ball went in. Alas! Australia is defeated so that delimit not to come, we are very distressed oh, next year child the brother that they are our Asias partner, asian team is washed now entirely white, toot toots... right now the not anxious episode on the side: "They moved an Asia to come, the clue gives after our China team more not easy oh. " hey! For all that, but word also cannot enough so say, we do not go out get the line nevers mind, the key is the advanced technique that Australia can give us to bring European pin ball, the opportunity that we have study again Sai, have the boy or girl friend that overtake again Sai, this develops to have profit greatly to our pin ball career, eye should be put some further, we should welcome Australia enthusiasticly to move an Asia to come. Chinese team was not gotten to not also come on the world cup first, we plunge into a Sai with respect to side Korea team, did not get Korea line we plunge into a Sai with respect to this team that help day, do not have so that we help Japanese group team of Iranian team, sand spy or Kuwait, Iraq still has what child chief of a tribe of couplet of Qatar, A those teams some plunge into a Sai. We are heart of the centre of a circle with China, by arrive nearly far, draw toward out slowly, draw dozen of which world cup first we are helped which plunge into case. Australia is moved now came in, we this circle circle can draw the Pacific Ocean of the Southern Hemisphere, very easy and comfortable, do you say where place is bad? What child? Australia are they Asian? This has what child, now we these Asian teams, real capability having a place and Euramerican opposed still are done not have, australia is good cast aside still keep out get a few times, be defeated by Brazil not to calculate what child, still planished Keluodeya, also a moment ago was a judgment ancient to played a dot ball, or hit when adding, punish bit of ball, which win which be defeated to still say to be less than. You think, club of each country league matches can recommend foreign aid, match of that world cup is OK also Sai, this Australia is the Sai of a foreign aids that our Asia introduces. Our Asia continues to recommend a few Gao Shuiping's foreign aid even after, the Uruguay e.g. South America, Colombia, the Nigeria that still has Africa, Cameroon, to at that time, the pin ball of our Asia is world center horizontal collect. Alas! Did not say, end game should begin immediately.
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