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Mansion middle school comes loose east dozen than fierce

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zheng Youwen) rose in September from last year, city east mansion middle school is on foundation of project of original recreational and sports activities, come loose wushu hit a project to introduce the first classroom, invite Guo Weijie of coach of city wushu team to wait teach, medicinal powder hit motion to be able to gain ground in this school rise.

Come loose to inspect dozen of level since beginning, east mansion middle school at 1, held first wushu 2 days to come loose dozen of match, 64 athletes played a man class of 50 kilograms of 45 kilograms of class, class, 60 kilograms of above and woman are ungraded do not wait for a match.

In the match, the player dare be hit dare Pan, wonderful occasion appears ceaselessly, because strength wide gap appears,also have a few competitions player " lose armet to abandon armour " wait for camera lens.

According to introducing, since launching this campaign, character of student fitness, volition be able to rise.