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Medicinal powder hit ace to solve the crisis to did not send one gun to play suc

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The case is answered put

Late on July 14 8 when make 40 minutes, guilty suspect Liu Mou, Yu Mou often promotes alley from Zhongshan area window of in relief bench drill is entered outside 4 buildings attic room enter 4 - 7 - theft of an other people, two people are made by neighbour into the process of room pilfer gentlemanDiscovery, make a gentleman call the police in time. Police station of market of Tianjin of substation of Zhongshan public security is received alarm hind, drive instantly go to the spot. Discovery of two crime suspect is unusual, 70 years old of old ladies that are in ——— of the injured party the home alone are hijacked forHostage, defy avowedly with public security mechanism.

Even if a movement is big, also will surely not be inside 60 minutes the Jing heart occasion successful rescue hostage is shown one by one. However, a director of public security substation is taking Dalian only an a packet of cigarette, mobile phone, be full of the dialog of quick-witted and rich the milk of human kindness through, hostage was exchanged with oneself inside short time, do again connectedTwoThe thought of cateran works, let disarm of the other side surrender.

On July 14 late night, this one act often promotes alley in Zhongshan area 4 buildings common civilian curtilage inside performed true edition.

After hostage is safe, twoGangsterDisarm surrenders, lower his head to walk out of dweller building, when be being left by the patron wagon on the belt, the applause that surrounds view masses to be like tide is as before in the dim light of night echo.

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