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Country of fist of late antagonism peaceful comes loose after Chinese kongfu the

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Report from our correspondent begins 2 days to come loose in the country of Xi'an assemble for training this month dozen of team, began those who arrive at Guangzhou hind to train first yesterday, with equipment afterwar evening holds " contend for hegemony of fist of peaceful of profession of Thailand of Chinese kongfu VS is surpassed " . The bishop drills Niu Fei expresses, sultry weather and the experience inadequacy to peaceful fist are two adverse elements.

Yesterday afternoon, medicinal powder after hitting a team to arrive at 2 Sha Dao Education Foundation, undertook ran restores to train above all. The high temperature of Guangzhou is in there is the sign that look up again after heavy rain passes continuously. Although be in afternoon 4 when later just begin to train, but team member people hot still sweating

This second come round Guangzhou takes part in the match medicinal powder team member of the assemble for training that make a group, it is the young player of all of one suit, average age is controlled in 23 years old. This year in peaceful dual meet, it is the first time fight hand to hand of these youths and peaceful fist player. Assemble for training is preliminary and at present affirmatory include Zhang Ting guest, Li Haiming, Zhao Guangyong, Xu Yanfei to wait super come loose champion of dozen of king, world inside list of assemble for training, and the person selected of 75 kilograms of class returns existence variable. The Bian Maofu of the player of 75 kilograms of class that Chinese team decides formerly, Guangdong is in training get hurt accidentally, national group decided two candidate at present, namely the Guo Yunchao of the Jiang Chunpeng of Guangdong and avant-courier. Win among them the whole nation comes loose this year dozen of tounament the Jiang Chunpeng of runner-up of 70 kilograms of class is the most hopeful give Zhan Tianxiong (boxing name " actor is amounted to dry " ) . Niu Fei thinks Jiang Chunpeng makes law hale and hearty, way tenacious, power is great. Peaceful square player of 75 kilograms of class " peaceful fist king " add hero already 25 years old, he says the inadequacy on physical strength can use a head to make up for before this. But the ox flies and did not put the word that adds hero on the heart, he says frankly, according to the age that adds hero, had calculated in athlete of active service wushu " old person " , "Athletics sports still has the law after all, we still should believe a youth! We still should believe a youth!!

Besides " peaceful fist king " outside adding hero, chinese country comes loose the Xu Yanfei that makes a group and Zhao Guangyong are the star with this second the most dazzling match. The Xu Yanfei of 70 kilograms of class is this year the whole nation comes loose the champion winner that makes championship contest, the technology is full-scale and cool-headed. The Zhao Guangyong of 65 kilograms of class wins the championship of countrywide match for many times in recent years, get of the personage inside travel value consistently. Li Wenlong
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