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Chinese wushu comes loose game of dozen of king contend for hegemony is regular

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Field of the first chapter and equipment

Standards of 1.1 fists station asks

Station of international standard fist is used when the match. Should accord with following requirements:

1.1.1 dimension: Boxing stage width is 7 meters, show a square. Boxing stage surrounds a rope to be 6 meters from inside quantity, show a square. Mesa should tower above ground at least 90 centimeters, but do not exceed 122 centimeters.

Stage and 1.1.2 horn fill up: The building of boxing stage should solid. Surround the sky beyond share that there should be 50 centimeters or so beyond the rope. 4 column that surround a rope are answered say, want to have soft mat unit quadrilateral, in order to prevent harm athlete. The nearby side of chief judge banquet is diamonds, its diagonal is black square. Two horn are the others neutral role.

1.1.3 mesa covering: Mesa wants the felt on the shop, balata or other the proper stuff that has flexibility, ply should appropriate, enclothe with canvas or other and relevant data. Felt, balata or other and relevant data and canvas must cover all mesa.

1.1.4 surround a rope: Should set diametical 3-5 centimeter 4 surround a rope taut go up at surrounding stringy column.

1.1.5 ladder: Boxing stage should set ladder of 3 place stage. Ladder of two place stage is in of boxing stage red, black square, use for athlete and coach and assistant. Ladder of another place stage is set in the neutral role of opposite far side, use for the ref on field and doctor.

Bag of 1.1.6 plastic sanitation: The side outside two neutral role should put two plastic and wholesome bag, place for medical personnel those who had used is medical the litter such as tissue.

1.2 fists are covered

1.2.1 athletes should use the fist that agonistic organizer sets to cover. The fist covers norms to come loose by Chinese wushu committee of dozen of management of contest of king contend for hegemony (contend for hegemony of the following abbreviation surpasses a canal appoint meeting) make.

1.2.2 weight are in 60 kilograms the following (contain 60 kilograms, the above that did not make special specification below and all contain below indicate kilogram of class) the athlete of level, the weight of use glove is every 230 grams; The athlete that weight is in 65 kilograms to be fastened with superior, the weight of use glove is every 280 grams.

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