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Wushu comes loose hit basic technology

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  Actual combat pose

This one we interpret actual combat posture. Actual combat pose also calls provision type or fistfight type normally, it is the posture of the motion that face battle that adopts before fistfight. It can make the body is in strong position not only, and have first-rate quick response ability, benefit is initiated at sudden shift attack and defend, and reveal an extent small, the can significant crucial point position that protects oneself.

Cent of actual combat pose is type of left actual combat and type of right actual combat. It is with type of left actual combat below exemple: Bipod around is opened, chela follows as pointed as the rear foot distance to be the same as shoulder breadth about. Touchdown of left foot complete sole, right calcaneal is raised a bit, chela palm touchdown, two genu bend a bit, buckle in nature, body focus is right move, the upper part of the body contain a bosom to receive an abdomen to twist buttock, left arm is incurvate about 90 degrees, boxing eye and nose needle are parallel. Sword arm is incurvate about 45 degrees, before boxing park neck, two ancon nature is flagging and a bit to in close, adduction chins below, visual the other side thes upper part of the body.


Footwork of the 2nd part. Footwork is to come loose the method of the or so shift after the body in hand fistfight is forward. Agile and nimble footwork, it is to adjust not only the key that centre of gravity keeps the body to balance, also be attack and defend hold the favorable position, foundation pace that develops best offensive, serious study and drilling are the important segment that increases actual combat capacity. The following footwork all is with situation of left actual combat exemple.

Progress: Left foot mentions, progress ahead, right leg toes step on quickly the ground, follow-up is apart from likewise.

Degenerative: Right leg recedes one pace, left foot toes step on forcibly the ground, rapid regressive and same space.

Side step: Over or across of side of left foot towards the left one pace, ground of pedal of inside of neck of right leg foot, follow-up of over or across of side of rapid towards the left is apart from likewise.

Inside pace: Place of palm of left foot chela is twisted move or step of towards the left, immediately body is left slant, ahead of right leg towards the left catchs up with quickly one pace, body right-hand rotation makes an appointment with 90 degrees.

Cover a stage: The pace goes up before left foot of right leg classics, place outside tiptoe, two legs become alternate state, immediately left foot is forward go up pace, reductive into actual combat type.

Insert a condition: The pace goes up before left foot of right leg classics is backward, calcaneal leaves the ground, two legs become alternate state slightly, immediately left foot is forward go up pace, reductive into actual combat type.

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