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Wushu comes loose hit effect

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(L) sports sex
Medicinal powder hand motion arrives from preliminary research pilot begin, sum up countrywide promotion from experience, till make item of contemporary sports contest, ever had experienced a lot of difficulty, contradiction and obstruction. Among them the mainest problem is: Medicinal powder hand match and the wushu that people imagines are bare-handed strike the form is disparate, somebody thinks to come loose even the hand is not wushu, is only " boxing adds a leg to attack " . Because the wushu of civilian popularity strikes, consider as self-defence defend oneself commonly, bring about enemy; What in perhaps resembling novel of the film, TV, acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, describe is abstracted in that way the person is changed, harships is not appeared. This is the misunderstanding that wushu gives a person to be caused with apotheosis exaggerated illusion in a lot of formally. In contemporary and civilized society, we cannot let come loose the hand is going all out narrowly in killing, go living, should the athletic form that the elite dissolve person wushu goes easily simply, not only can defend oneself returns can powerful body, such ability have extensive vitality, ability moves toward a society truly, trend world. Then, after courtyard of wushu of former state Sport Commission passes experiment, argumentation, think to come loose the ability law of the hand is in order to enhance a constitution, communicate craft, self-defence defend oneself, raise technical level to be jumping-off place, from traditional wushu bare-handed strike the movement accepts or reject in art, make come loose the hand becomes sports, namely art of contain the art of attack and defense in wushu at sports in.
Because decision-making and correct, method is proper, come loose to hand motion just is able to begin smoothly and be popularized, from now medicinal powder in light of hand motion form, medicinal powder hand and other motion item are basic and same, belong to sports, but the special essence that reflects a wushu outstandingly again -- sex of the art of attack and defense in wushu, distinguish the art of the art of attack and defense in wushu that causes damage at making the person is sent apparently again at the same time, do not include send a person the unique skill coup at the deathtrap. Medicinal powder hand regulation set strictly forbid to have charge to afterbrain of the other side, cervical, crotch, also do not allow to use the ability method that turns over joint action and ancon, genu, but can apply wushu the ability law of all sorts of genre.
(2) antagonism
Medicinal powder the inherent characteristic that the hand moves, decided it is behaved with mutual opposed form, so, medicinal powder the basic form of the hand is antagonism. This kind of antagonism, be mastered in both sides medicinal powder the main action of the hand and basic technology, through a paragraph training, below the circumstance that did not secure a format, undertake inside the limits of regular regulation relatively ability, relatively brave, relatively wisdom, fluctuate one minute.

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