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Watch a convention from angle of the art of attack and defense in wushu wushu an

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Wushu is the one part of file of tradition of the Chinese nation, having history of thousands of years, it covers the various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty such as move scholar, path, Chinese ink and arms medical jurisprudence, a lot of element such as national condition of custom of the influence that waits for a thought and geographical environment, nation, age, politics, formed China's particular characteristic sports. People passes practice to wait for a purpose to achieve self-defence, the art of attack and defense in wushu, preserve one's health. The basis is individual or place, phyletic wait for thinking activity to be used to, start the athletic way that weaves a style characteristic that makes him speech, connect those who cross time and practice to examine to be perfected ceaselessly, formed numerous genre and fist to plant.

The function with main wushu is the art of attack and defense in wushu, in the process of the exercise, achieved the goal that raises a body again. Emphasize the angle from the art of attack and defense in wushu to talk here. The numerous genre of wushu, some presses geographical cent, formed little forest, fierce is become, high mountain eyebrow; The guiding ideology cent that drills by be used to again is inside the home, outside of the home say to wait a moment. A theory that the name is having him oneself and exercise a method, it may be said is multifarious. Feudal superstition, what the conservative thought with firm self-given condition reachs a few the Confucian or feudal ethical code is abusive also dissolve takes martial art such as shadow boxing in, to make the fist is planted the communication between school is small its badge.

No matter you review,actually experienced what fist is planted, it is the motion of human body limbs. Will tell from anatomical angle, the motion of any limbs cannot exceed the territory of articulatory itself and physiology limit. See all sorts of fists plant from the appearance have respective characteristic, be like: The exercise of fist of the Eight Diagrams is in taking a group face about giving a fist gives a leg, evolution gives a lot of change; Form meaning fist in the in walking exert that wades continuously the change of 5 fists; Shadowboxing with slow continuous and soft, ceaseless characteristic takes an a punch; The fist that connect a back with fast celebrated; Little forest the fist is having extend easy leap up to skip bouncing style; Say station stake into the fist greatly, try force, happen wait for a characteristic. Tell from powerful force, some telling soft; Some telling firm; Some says entire interest; Some telling cold play interest; Some tells anticipate the enemy; Some tells win by striking only after the enemy had struck; Some telling late make first etc. It may be said has distinguishing feature each.

Tell from appearance motion contrail, some big going that wear; Some small going that wear; Some walks along big circle; Some walks along roundlet; Some take the air line are waited a moment. Tell some telling from speed fast; Some telling slow; Some asks every are moved halt is waited a moment. Actually, the exercise method that I think each fist is planted is different, just be the formally in drilling, reflected respective distinguishing feature, but reach the same goal by different routes can is on the art of attack and defense in wushu, nothing more than it is to should be hit to the body of adversary, and be not being hit by adversary. This no matter you are of experienced what fist,cannot leave word of fast ” of a “ . Want to have to go quickly the shortest with the course, so what is big, small, big group, circlet, slow, fast must follow this principle, tell from powerful force soft, tell firm, say entire interest, say fragile interest, tell cold the should make a whole actually outbreak that play force, show strength. Use interest to the contact to nod (face) on, this coordinates sexual ” with respect to need “ , namely without giving thought to inside the home, outside, what say inside 6 close, outside 6 close, divine body syncretic. The harmonious and consistent ability that the movement of the whole body is coordinated and breathes idea is smooth reach the designated position.
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