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Medicinal powder dozen what kind of training method to use?

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Technical training is to come loose the core content in hitting whole training. The discretion of technical level decides the actor bad of its campaign success. Good fitness is master and rise medicinal powder the foundation that lays a technology. And mastered technical talent to fill minute of play effectively only each other of both of water of its body training not condition. Medicinal powder found training is to show stroke falls attack the training that defends an action. The purpose makes an athlete skilled the ground masters these movements and ground of can agile in actual combat freely applies.
Place practices: Use place to practice law key experiencing essentials, the dot of circuit order force that fathoms a movement ceaselessly and body pose. Want to be loosened naturally when the exercise, do not beg fast its are excessive forcibly, sophisticated act is dissoluble exercise, by arrive slow fast, master accurate method of the movement gradually, improve behavioral quality ceaselessly.
Integrated footwork practices: Practice through place, corresponding footwork practice should combine according to the need of actual combat after basically mastering behavioral standard, raise striking distance, and defend maneuverability makes technology and actual combat are contacted cheek by jowl, make technical movement is achieved stage by stage harmonious and accurate, lay good foundation to attacking and defence the technology is used below antagonism circumstance.
Hypothesis sex practices: Defend an action through thinking those who resemble adversary to attack suppose or located condition and dozen of way that makes be attacked accordingly or defending strike back. Do fictitious sex bare-handed exercise, the actual combat state that undertakes fictitious sex practices a kind of be personally on the scene faces adversary can rise speed of reaction ability movement to foster will to fight, those who master all sorts of battles is specific make a way.
Call fixed target practice: Hitting fixed target to practice is one kind uses the material of auxiliary sexual organ such as target of chest silhouette, hands or feet, sanded bag to regard stroke as the exercise of the target, it is to improve technical movement and the important step that enhance behavioral speed power. Requirement movement exerts oneself to do sth. sufficient government target is hit quickly truly definitely.
Call mobile target practice: Practicing mobile target is hold small target by coach or companion position of ceaseless commutation angle and direction. The person that the requirement practices reacts quickly agile, apply a variety of technologies to have the method of a kind of exercise of stroke.
Be attacked through practicing the OK and effective person that improve a practice and defend the behavioral quality that strike back, raise aggressive speed, accuracy to be apart from ability of feeling and reaction ability, meet an emergency. Build stable condition to reflex a movement to achieve automation gradually.
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