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Rise medicinal powder the method of a few kinds of training that makes behaviora

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—— speed quality is to come loose a kind of ability that calls an athlete to have fast campaign, speed ability is coming loose in hitting the art of attack and defense in wushu to defy very important. Medicinal powder with different speed form expression comes out the trick that plays sport, tactics, speed ability is deciding the effect that comes loose to dozen of ability, tactics is applied and be developed. The momentum theorem from physics is knowable, rate is rapidder, momentum is bigger. Because instantaneous contact is when stroke, because this blow is bigger power is stronger. Conversely rate is slow, both neither can hit opponent effectively, still meet by adversary first, passivity takes a beating, so speed training appears very important. Include in speed training: A few respects such as speed of response rate, movement speed, behavioral frequency, displacement. So how to undertake speed trains coming loose moving? Behavioral speed shows organism achieves the performance of some movement speed quickly namely, this kind of speed basically depends on erupt the loses by force to cross Cheng Xingfen with pallium nerve intensity of force, also mix neurological concern to moving flesh to coordinate ability of flesh antagonism flesh quickly in coordination formerly. The method that speed of a few kinds of simple movements trains introduces below:
1, type of athlete actual combat stands, trainer is used attack a fist or attack the sound such as target to do signal, the athlete hears signal to send fist or hair leg immediately; Or the coach maintains target, the athlete receives place to give target the quick stroke that has fist or leg.
2, trainer holds hand target or crural target, after body side or body, athlete place is jumpy, trainer raises target suddenly, the athlete goes with the rapiddest rate stroke, trainer sometimes target of raise one's hand raises crural target sometimes, the direction of target is errant; Sometimes towards the left sometimes right, sometimes forward sometimes backward, high adventitious; Be in sometimes in the head sometimes abdomen, the direction of athlete basis target, position reacts quickly, adjust distance, angle at the same time, quick stroke.
3, load exercise. The athlete can hold dumbbell, do exercise developing a fist or accentuation to protect. If weigh a fist to cover, leg guard, or bar angle crouchs; Fulminic stand up quickly. Adopt by arrive to need not be protected gently finally again provide or barbell is attacked into line space. Be like: The first group, the dumbbell that holds 10kg in the begining does exercise developing a fist with the rapiddest rate; The 2nd group, the dumbbell that uses 6kg does fast exercise developing a fist; The 3rd group, use 3kg dumbbell; quadruplet need not dumbbell undertakes fast sky is attacked.
Above method hits lover and athlete reference to practice for coming loose, practice the control of the quantity be criterion in order to retain ability of the oldest rate, appear to the practice should stop when cannot continueing to carry the oldest rate or change other content to the exercise when exhaustion.
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