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Medicinal powder the principle that lays technical training and requirement

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—— as medicinal powder the progress that makes motion, the technical level of the athlete in the match and body training level are adjacent with each passing day, the competition is more intense also. The get victory in wanting to be in intense competition ground, want to have adept technology, good fitness not only, have even appropriate tactics, good psychology quality is waited a moment. All these have very high demand to integrated quality of the athlete, also offerred a more austere task to our training at the same time: What kind ofly to train the optimal benefit of the play human body with nicer gift? The training of what appearance is just science reasonable?

Principle and requirement
When undertaking coming loose hitting training besides should abide by systematic training, periodic arrangement, appropriate bear, distinction to treat, timely restore to wait for general training to learn a principle, outside abiding by motion to train learned common law, undertake having the training of specific aim according to the oneself characteristic of the project even.
1, behavioral standard fan out from point to area
Medicinal powder the law that play trick is rich, metabolic multiterminal is more in actual combat. But no matter how sophisticated act cannot leave good basic technology start. Have strong behavioral base only, just develop freely possibly in actual combat.
Come loose outstanding performance is in dozen of the art of attack and defense in wushu to go up to the intense contention of time and space. Medicinal powder each hit technology is applied what cannot leave pair of schedule difference and distance feeling is good hold, can experience through single technical study medicinal powder hit other technology movement use the law. Not only such, medicinal powder hitting each movement to apply is isolated anything but, it often combines other technology movement to carry out, accordingly, through the study to single act we can understand other act further use the law, it is OK that to the study of the dot we are returned finally disband dozen of elementary really tactics, in the movement use the tactics with cannot leave certain, often also isolate absolutely because of this individual technology, the studies us to be able to be hit to coming loose not only basic law that passes each act has certain knowledge, OK still to its her technology has corresponding knowledge, achieve comprehend by analogy really the effect.
2, two-men practices emphasizing actual combat
Come loose dozen of antagonism sex motion that is 2 people, be in at ordinary times in the exercise, want to undertake those who have specific aim cooperate according to particular case,
Improve a technology ceaselessly use capacity. What be worth us to notice especially is, medicinal powder hitting is it is main goal with vanquish the enemy, no matter the technology returns be tactics to apply ought to actual combat sets out, enter around actual combat.
3, the relation that handles good amount and intensity.
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