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Wushu comes loose hit reviewing and think over

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Release time: On October 12, 2005 23 when 58 cent

In recent years, of international bare-handed strike art is developing at full speed, present the power that gives colourful, flourishing. Especially Euramerican freedom strikes, the K-1 of the peaceful fist of Thailand and Japan is mixed with frequent match, powerful assault force the world of propagandist effect fashionable of the shock. Chinese wushu comes loose hit motion to also strike be in like motion with international of like a raging fire begin. No matter be of home " come loose contest of dozen of king contend for hegemony " , or China comes loose fist of peaceful of profession of prizefight of dozen of antagonism United States, Thailand also or be medicinal powder hit antagonism France freedom to strike, Japanese Karate, for a short while match of Wu Lin of China and foreign countries is frequent, frequency of news of victory is passed, have really make everybody dazzling, the feeling of too many things to see. Analyse Chinese wushu calmly to come loose however hit current situation, discover a lot of inadequacy however, need tries to improve and be perfected.
One, China comes loose hit reviewing
Wushu is our country's peculiar traditional sports project, the history is long, connotation is rich, social value is extremely high. Come loose dozen of one part that is Chinese wushu, abstract the the directest, simplest action way in wushu namely come out, with fast and knockdown or the athletics sports project that trip adversary is a purpose. 1978, the country starts wushu formally to come loose dozen of pilot job. 1979, decision of former state Sport Commission is mixed in courtyard of body of Zhejiang, Beijing 3 units undertake Wuhan body courtyard wushu comes loose dozen of project is pilot the job. 1982, decided " countrywide wushu comes loose dozen of contest is regular " first draft, held invitational tournament of project of countrywide wushu antagonism in Beijing. 1989, medicinal powder dozen be labelled formally project of countrywide formal match. 1991, medicinal powder dozen make world tounament item, so far, had held 6 worlds championship contest, and held first come loose dozen of world cup match. 1998, medicinal powder dozen be labelled project of contest of the 12nd Asia Game. 1999, come loose dozen of full-scale development, new regular regulation takes part in the match the player is covered except reservation athletic supporter, fist outside, purify all protecting, the view and admiring that enhanced the competition greatly thereby gender and intense rate, hit motion to moved toward the market to lay a foundation to come loose. In recent years, in new regulation how-to below, domestic and international match is frequent, no matter be of home " come loose dozen of king " still be fist of peaceful of profession of prizefight of antagonism United States, Thailand, entered benign development, move toward the right path stage by stage.
1998, china comes loose wing of dozen of Europe of accept a challenge, 9 than 0 get the better of; Accept the challenge that American freedom strikes, 8 than 1 get the better of; Obtain wushu of Bangkok Asia Game to come loose dozen all 5 gold.
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