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Come loose method of dozen of commonly used training and method

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1, attack a practice for nothing
Attacking a practice for nothing is bare-handed the practice that have. Attack one of important training measures that the exercise is movement of adroitness control technology for nothing. Attack an exercise to be able to consolidate the true power of technical movement finalizes the design ceaselessly for nothing, strengthen conditional reflex ceaselessly, the form that attacks for nothing is diversiform, but odd Lian Yike undertakes much person practices.
2, click an exercise
Click an exercise to make the exercise method that the movement reacts in time according to the signal of helper, commonly used signal has gesticulation, countersign, target etc. The behavioral speed that clicks the person that the exercise can raise be used to effectively to drill and response rate, increase the reaction capacity in actual combat. Give the abrupt sex that signal should note when signal, signal wants clarity, target signal wants accurate.
3, attack defend a practice
Attack defending a practice is 2 people commonly a group, practice according to what attack the actual combat that prevent to ask to undertake below the circumstance that does not contact. Begin to be able to rule an attack of the action that make sheet, gradually excessive arrive to provoke assault repeatedly; Tactics also by onefold gradually excessive to combination. Attack prevent an exercise to be able to raise a student effectively to be mixed to the control of technical movement use capacity, education is attacked prevent consciousness, raise tactical consciousness, and can be eliminated fear with what prevent abecedarian psychology, prevent the happening of athletic injury.
4, feed device practice
Feeding device practice is prevent a requirement according to be being attacked certainly by coach or companion, combine actual combat consciousness, the purposeful person that give a practice is fed bring an action, or the equipment of assist a ruler in governing a country such as target of hand of have the aid of, foot target, help its have a kind of method of the exercise. Because feed,bring have stated goal sex, have very strong specific aim, because this practices pair of students' fast and effective control this kind,technical movement has very good effect. It can raise a student not only to the technology use capacity, still can foster pair of tactics consciousness, improve the student aggression to technical movement and defended behavioral quality effectively, raise response rate, build stable conditional reflex, till achieve automation, it is the form of a kind of exercise that often uses in education training. Want to notice to feed the quality that brings an action when undertaking feeding leaving a practice, have stated specific aim, undertake be feedinged accordingly bringing according to the technical characteristic of different student; The person that practice is in assure behavioral quality while, want to be experienced carefully, fathom repeatedly.
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