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In talking about actual combat to fight each other " bravery "

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Chinese wushu is the precious culture bequest of the Chinese nation, it is the crystallization of wisdom of the Chinese nation, it is China's peculiar culture phenomenon, it with wonderful and celebrated at the world.

Fierce: Simple explanation is a person of extraordinary powers of bold and powerful, martial, bravery.
Art: Technology, skill, method.

Have fierce does not have art or art does not have fierce faulty, do not accord with a dialectics. Fierce has method just is true fierce forest ace.

Remember in one's childhood, go up in the school enclosure with one wide brick with children after school everyday angle frolics mount jump down, neither one young associate suffers big injury. Have more very person, because parents leaves the different, child that lives along with the grandma,have, bravery reach greatly strange; Monkey of a figure is same go up easily to a few meters tall chimney climb, climb most chimney is tall, just fall in our in chorus loud cry, come down loathly, the face does not become angry the heart is not confused. And Wu Lin of not little “ is in ace Home ” the wolf is in tiger, courtyard, going out is a small sheep however.

Of course, telling Wu De is very important, but if be true tussle, even if learned the one fraction of wushu only; If talk its technology, skill is enough already prop up, but some people slant namely fall ahull! Investigate its reason, because actual combat experience is scant,that is, do not have bravery.

Outside tussle, be in charge of 3 years than the practice inside the door with.

He An of old hero of Henan of ” of contemporary “ Wu Song, calculate do not get a Wu Lin past master, and his know no fear, capture all one's life obtain on 1000 hundreds of a few fierce tigers, leopard, evil wolves, catch a tiger to capture leopard as catching a chickling same. Once, he captures multicolored fierce tiger, evil tiger sits Shan Fawei, want to seize a road and escape, he Laoying goes on ” of male “ pounce, 3 fists of “ bipod ” hits fierce tiger, subdue its, capture so that live only tiger, ” of Wu Erlang of “ of hand of the Lin Gao that compare connecting with the boxing skill but strong severalfold?

Courage and resource, courage and resource, bravery is advanced, be in slightly hind, without bravery, accomplish nothing. Want to learn a the Three Kingdoms to often get the better of know no fear of general Zhao Zilong, before long slope slope 7 enter 7, kill maul Cao battalion high-ranking officer more than 50, 1 million army in take general chopped-off head.

On the verge of breaking out, one hair comes namely; Go be like arrow leaving spring, turn around and stretch out one's hand is like baked wheaten cake, be like a baby relatively, meet cannot escape. When photograph of actual combat tussle is touched, the body shakes quickly, bar like bird of prey wing, the beast shakes hair. Pull the idea of slimy thing water without a bit, loosen so that appear more, blow force, penetration is stronger. Intentional and intended it is false, the fist arrives aeriform Fang Jianzhen. Want to develop potential, get machine get the upper hand, concentrate systemic power at a bit, swing abruptly shoot, the bull's eye in sincere heel heel. Want mental enlarge, great still compare Hunan Xiang Yu the Conqueror, the world does not have invincible person; Should drill inside gas plentiful, 100 disease are not unripe. Do not hit stop, a dozen hit accurate, make firm, makes so that the other side is without strike back force, if drop cliff, if electrical shock thunder is broken off.
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