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Theory medicinal powder hit career trains a method

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Theory medicinal powder hit career trains a method
Speed is coming loose the place that hit is self-evident, in view of a lot of form fierce friend people complete to the training lack of speed science trains a method, in training teaching material, this person reference abroad's classical boxing trains methodological summary to give a few theory, directive oneself training, results quite abundant, wish to draw up come, have the effect of a cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, undeserved place, ask Wu Lin criticism of fellow point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, with achieving the goal that raises jointly. Shut a word to say less, return to the subject.

Speed cent is response rate, behavioral speed, with floating rate, these 3 kinds of speed come loose to mastering dozen of technology, tactics and rise medicinal powder the port with hit achievement to have very principal, accordingly, cannot ignore in training. The theory below abroad's outstanding boxing athlete basis trains, according to their weight level, already can be inside 6 seconds stroke 65-74 second, be equivalent to every second 11-12 second, this kind of speed increases the rate of reach, sufficient pedal ground, send hip, twist a waist, body pitch, arrange a shoulder, the arm exhibits the speed total that charges time-sharing quickly to already was close to a gun fast, this is him abecedarian estimation only (the initial velocity of 54 handguns is every second 420 meters) at present home has not heard of somebody to be able to be achieved, this also is one of a level of our country boxing is backward main factors (everybody does not say I worship foreign things, pull far)
One. Speed trains a principle

Repeat some movement to practice with the rapiddest rate, conduce to raise rate. Repeat some movement more to rise as far as possible inside proper time that is to say. Training method repeats some act for many times namely of course. However, repeat an exercise to have ability of the following condition to apply only:
1. uses as the speed; with the technical highest need of the exercise
Rate should note when 2. practices, is not style;
(The foundation is after above wants the behavioral standard with you twice of course)
The time that 3. training spends does not drop with behavioral speed for standard;
The movement that 4. speed training must get used to easily with be being mixed heply is a foundation (for example straight fist, whip fist, kick before etc)
5. repeats training in, must decide the time of the exercise and intermittent time.
A. The shortest abidance practices time be 5-20 second, need not outside obstruction;
B. Must arrange suitable breathing space to be able to restore in the round, so that do not feel fatigue; in the begining in new practice
C. No matter when appear fatigue evidence, if behavioral frequency is reduced, practice must stopping instantly.
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