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China comes loose analyse talks about dozen of problem that exists at present

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After the Chinese kongfu that fixes eyes upon by common people surpasses an end to Thailand prizefight contend for hegemony, divine continent earth lifted very great billows, this echo is for bound of our country wushu as ”911” incident general, let compatriots face do not have light. The peaceful in passing a few go all out in work, chinese line is held in Guangzhou with 5 surpassed Thailand rival than World War II. Although this match is to win, can be the concern letting a person that get the better of, what only because of 7 all players a team member hits is more active outside, other team member is to making passive fight. Because do not have clever attack method to make the other side suffers,achieve, win out with check the number constrainedly however, reach making was to win to also be met the bruise that Teng of the elbow that be chosen by peaceful fist carries on the head time and again, did not meet the effective ability standard of ancon genu. Every war does not look to go out have the assurance that surely win. And two team member that peaceful just wins are to use the ancon genu with very strong aggressiveness to combine however, those who hit is flat and agile. In square team member is black-and-blue the force that is without strike back, must end the contest.
What hold in Thailand Bangkok is medium contest of peaceful contend for hegemony. This more made peaceful square give limelight, with 4 got the better of Chinese team than the very preponderance of 1. The tumble in whole game is strong also will do not have can produce specialty, be at a loss what to do below powerful ancon genu double hit.
Our China wushu is broad and profound, of long standing and well established, mention fierce forest elder excel in of each skill in wushu. Was defeated by Thailand however to today, and those who be defeated is very miserable. This sums up a lesson with respect to the coach that must want us, seek unsuccessful source, undertake the analysis of specific aim studies. Learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, absorb the wushu skill that has actual combat application, will improve the means method that hits team member to undertake training to coming loose henceforth.
Since show of Shaolin Temple film, produced very big resounding effect. Compatriots slants boxing ability puts heavy Yu Shaolin long attack far, bouncing tuck diveseethe, extend appearance beauty. And the skill of practical the art of attack and defense in wushu such as quick attack of bunt of the home inside ignored. Do not want to often consider in tumble respect, because ancon hits genu,very law is the natural enemy of tumble. Leg, peaceful just is held in the arms to just carry in genu carries its head, bosom, costal region on the head, should overcoming. The waist just is held in the arms in, larynx of bosom of the square top that use ancon, top also is opposite peaceful solid dozen. In respect of Thailand of engage in a battle of peaceful two countries is much only dozen of law of ancon and a genu, and in square team member keeps on retreating with respect to what be attacked, cannot backstroke. This is sufficient in was being exposed, square team member has only far kick dozen, adopt the tactics that fall nearly, and the actual combat that lacks middle distance trains. More head, shoulder, ancon, hand, hip, genu, won't sufficient use skill, wanted to master a head in training only. , shoulder, ancon, hand, hip, genu, sufficient 14 place make this 7 fists the tactics of the law, meeting art Gao Rendan is big, do not be afraid of the bulldozer tactics of peaceful fist, can make step of corresponding the art of attack and defense in wushu naturally. So our team member must be strengthened in of section respect strike skill, meeting the tactical side of ancon genu, the section in control is the step of excellent the art of attack and defense in wushu that takes its root part. And the tactics of the section in control, mix pair of chopper, right break off a sword, above all cut wrist, to plunging into a gun, fight each other rod, attack opponent surely among them truth is same.
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