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Medicinal powder the principle of 6 big psychology that calls strategy

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Medicinal powder the principle of 6 big psychology that calls strategy

Hu Gong counterpoises
Speak of “ ruse ” , people often rises with warlike connection, this has stated reason. Because ruse arises to struggle at the military affairs at first, and apply in the war more, effect is the most distinct also. The person that be like the “ arms of grandchildren, arms of important matter ”“ person, cunning also ”“ every battle person, with closing, get the better of the ruse such as ” in order to surprise, all through the ages is people my place commend.
But the development as the times, ruse thought exceeds martial range already, and the situation with be all-pervasive expands gradually a lot of domains. For example is coming loose now dozen of bound, can say none exaggeratively, come loose dozen of ruse is proper, concern not only arena victory or defeat, also be to come loose the key that makes athletic progress. Technology and tactical very closely associated with each other, irresolvable. The technology is a source, tactics is to flow, the source is far flow long, flow short a source is close.
Well-known, ruse is the “ product ” of intelligence activity of the person, because this is being discussed,come loose when calling strategy, also must involve all sorts of thinking means of the person and thinking activity. Change character, come loose dozen of ruse is Protean, its psychology feature also numerous and complicated each different, but go understanding from psychological meaning, since they are congeneric the “ product ” of psychological activity, should follow certain psychological principle, wraparound rise, when to basically have.
One, benefit sex principle
Marx once had said: Once “ thought leaves an interest to make his fie-fie with respect to regular meeting. ” the actor bad that people often evaluates strategy with taking the volume of the interest. Medicinal powder hit ruse to also hold to “ benefit the principle of the first ” , exchange a crowning victory with small price namely.
Benefit sex principle is coming loose in hitting ruse to use a process basically reflecting is: The first, mix with the smallest price use up, strive for win a crowning victory; The 2nd, the risks risk in employing a process is the least, unsuccessful possibility is the least, basically have triumphal assurance through effort; The 3rd, should look to whether be striven for active. Active advantageous position is to come loose the life that makes ruse apply, which one party mastered strike active advantageous position, basically mastered confidence in victory. But in mostly true antagonism, often still appear such case: Punching bag from time to tome the cent of ” of “ big Li Xiaoli, suffer attack from time to tome “ is killed greatly small kill ” not. Be about to go after at that time medicinal powder the ” of sex of “ effectiveness for a given period of time that calls strategy, hold to two benefit of “ to counterpoise to be weighed from its, two kill judge hasten its are light the choice of ” .
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