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Come loose to wushu hit match rhythm discuss

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Come loose to wushu hit match rhythm discuss

Liang Yadong
〔 summary 〕 is coming loose rhythm of the movement in playing the game and tactical rhythm (aggression rhythm, prevent) of achieve of preserve chastity after the death of her husband, be brought into play effectively and control adversary, master the active advantageous position of the match.
Rhythm of movement of 〔 keyword 〕 ; Aggression rhythm; Prevent achieve of preserve chastity after the death of her husband; Wushu comes loose dozen
Foreword rhythm, it is commonly those who point to what appear alternately in music to have the law is strong weak, accident phenomenon. District judge is being covered in wushu is the time change that points to a movement in the law, the processing skill of activity, speed. Medicinal powder hitting is project of wushu antagonism athletics, athlete both sides undertakes battle of wits with the movement of the art of attack and defense in wushu of the other side in the each other in the match, relatively ability, have intense antagonist. Kick, dozen, throw stereo charge, attack prevent the instant to change, its rhythm body is bilateral now the athlete is attacked mediumly in the match defend rate, attack the changeover that prevent and restrict each other, and all sorts of change that study the tactics that prevent ability. It covers road rhythm unlike wushu had woven beforehand in that way, however complex and random, changeful, disharmonious not stable.
In whole game, athlete use ability, tactics is in from beginning to end play and instead in play, limitation and the intense competition that restrict instead. The athlete should be striven for active, carry off the victory of the match, rhythm must be controlled in the match, apply rhythm change to achieve with personal length, those who accuse the other is short. In match both sides the circumstance of well_matched, match each other in strength falls, hold rhythm correctly, can decrease to physical strength is used up and disable the action, the victory captures to have more important sense in playing the game to coming loose acutenessly. Can say to come loose the rhythm that plays the game is the key with agile and changeful tactics, it is the integrated expression of the element such as the consciousness on level of tactics of athlete body and psychological quality, ability, field. Medicinal powder hit athletic practice to make clear: Who can control rhythm in the match, apply rhythm change to bring into play and squelch the other side, who can master the active advantageous position of the match, down to wins a victory. So, come loose rhythm control gets dozen of competition stand or fall, mirror those who give an athlete to attack directly defend ability and match level. The article hits the rhythm problem in the match to undertake to coming loose preliminary discuss.
1 movement rhythm
Medicinal powder the rhythm cent that plays the game is behavioral rhythm and tactical rhythm. Tactical rhythm includes attack rhythm and prevent achieve of preserve chastity after the death of her husband. Undertake discuss and be analyticed respectively here. So-called action rhythm is to show the athlete is being finished attack when defending technical action, what the departmental substation of technical movement behaves is strong lose and the relation of time-interval. Wushu comes loose dozen kick, dozen, throw all planting ability law action is various, it is sheet is enrolled or combination is enrolled repeatedly no matter, existing rhythm. Appropriate behavioral rhythm is the marriage of spatio-temporal concept and accurate knack. Medicinal powder hit athletic itself to have corresponding norms demand to the rhythm of every technology movement, by this kind the demand completes an action, can make the athlete masters skill quickly not only, form skill, it is better to get in the match attack prevent the effect, and can make athlete body moves fully between link with splanchnic organ between cooperate more harmonious, save what body internal energy measures to use up. For example, when doing " of leg of sweep anything away of " face about, should hold head, waist correctly to turn take ham, ham drives crus to swing again order of this one movement and opportunity. If place a leg first, cannot form reasonable rhythm, although use again large interest, also get half the result with twice the effort, cannot complete an action. Be like again, the pace on degenerative → of → of strong fist of left and right sides of → of leg of the pedal before doing " double when holding a leg in the arms to throw " to be enrolled repeatedly, leg of the pedal before the requirement receives the left and right sides to want to the fist fast, fierce; Degenerative want slow, lure enemy thorough; On pace double hold a leg in the arms to want to go avoid seasonable, on pace, hold a leg in the arms, look up, collapse leg of waist, pedal should have joined, get sth done without any letup. Accordingly, when making this motion, the accident of last a period of time of departmental to the movement cent, emphatic is strong insecurity of weak, sarcous and loosen etc, have clear demand. Go doing by the requirement, ability forms the reasonable behavioral rhythm of this movement. This is about to practice through repeating for many times, the exciting analysis that will come from each receptor by pallium stage by stage is comprehensive, change differentiation by extensive, achieve automation finally, build true power to finalize the design thereby. Every time a kind of new motion mastery of a skill or technique achieves motivation to finalize the design level, the athletic rhythm feeling that has characteristic of this skill rhythm so also was formed. In whole game, circumstance ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, athlete both sides is in from beginning to end play and instead in play, limitation and the intense antagonism that restrict instead, so the athlete maintains his behavioral rhythm successfully, destroy and disturb the habitual movement rhythm of the other side, attack to rising prevent the port with hold active advantageous position to have the effect, principal. But the active antagonism as a result of adversary, the behavioral rhythm of any athletes does not suffer the interference of adversary impossibly, so this is adjusted can actively with respect to requirement athlete and alter oneself behavioral rhythm, the antagonism activity according to adversary is active meet an emergency. If change habitual side to play leg movement rhythm, in kick when attacking, be accelerated suddenly or conciously of rein in speed and adversary defend form " time to differ " , can achieve better stroke result. As a result of the difference of characteristic of the athlete's physiology, psychology and fitness, its movement rhythm also differ in thousands ways, the difference on behavioral rhythm gives the athlete's different technology style and characteristic with respect to report.
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