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Come loose to wushu hit match rhythm discuss

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In education training, must coach the athlete understands every technicality in the round above all, inspire active thinking of the athlete, deepen the understanding of pair of act laws, use repeat, commutation practices a law, make an athlete form reasonable behavioral time, space and dynamic structure, master what the movement makes adroitly to achieve standardization, special attention forms reasonable behavioral rhythm. For example, when learning " of leg of " side kick, atttack a leg lift a leg, exhibit coxa, kick to attack should coordinate even be used to, of waist, hip joint turn round as pointed as the ability to walk that prop up flounder to want to attack " to undertake waiting at the same time with " kick. Want to develop the behavioral rhythm of appropriate individual characteristic next, the leg is lifted when the kick that be like side or exhibit coxa and kick to attack between a bit halt, also be helpful for choosing opportunity and commutation attack angle. Match circumstance is dry change 10 thousand change, the behavioral rhythm ability that the athlete maintains and adjusts oneself depends on the skill of excellent adroitness, athlete technology level is higher, the range that rhythm of its technology movement changes is bigger.
2 tactics rhythm
2. 1 aggression rhythm
Current, medicinal powder the tactical idea that plays the game is " active and active, give priority to in order to attack, fast and agile " , aggression is main cent method mixes make a way. How does the athlete hold the rhythm of aggression in the match, it is the key of get victory. Want right of have the initiative, be about to use a variety of aggression forms, like feign attack, fast attack, grab attack, retreat attack etc, organize all sorts of tactics activities of different rhythm reasonably. Of all sorts of aggression tactics be applied alternately and join the relation that concerns to master rhythm namely essentially, particular system is applied to attacking and defence the choice of ability tactics is mixed now on. Attacking rhythm is to attack the dominant that prevents rhythm, should basis advocate, objective need and likelihood undertake control. Because match antagonism is intense, to attacking rhythm apply should have flexibility and actual effect sex. Ad cool-headed and consider the situation, can sober in the match of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the basis faces the change of an all sorts of elements, meticulous analysis, judgement, accomplish as far as possible foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, restrain adversary, and cannot by rule. Want motor-driven to apply fast rhythm neatly fast attack or dozen of law of slow rhythm, master the adj relation of speed, the choice arrives and create an optimal attack opportunity thereby, achieve the goal of do with sb unconscious, strike where the enemy is unprepared, improve the result that attacks an activity. For example, we are inferior to in adversary technology, show cowardly when, or in adversary bemused, exhaustion, suffer when achieving, be about to apply fast attack, fast and decisive hit out, bold and active aggression, when attack high rate, fast rhythm, get sth done without any letup, do not stay to adversary have the opportunity that breath; If become quick attack suffocate suffocate, when the organization is attacked 2 times, be about conciously rein in rhythm, apply feign attack, empty to bring etc puzzle adversary, await, creation opportunity, force its reveal flaw, take situation charge again, in order to obtain first-rate stroke result. But one kind making a way is fast rhythm aggression only of slow rhythm adjusts and transfer, saying " like place of a logion one Zhang Yichi, the path of civil and military also " . When be being attacked so, want to have intense rhythm consciousness, want to be good at analysis, judgement, my bilateral circumstance adjusts basis enemy rhythm is moved with taking a winner. Accomplish " to change quickly " , can capture more opportunity for combat to atttack adversary. Should make the athlete forms rhythm stage by stage bright, fast the style that gives priority to tone. In education training, usable and the following method promotes what the athlete attacks rhythm to form: (Sand of 1) double hit wraps: Far, medium, close quarters faces sanded bag, hear after beginning countersign, with a variety of attack methods sand of fast, coherent stroke wraps 3 ~ 5 times, after shift is broken away from, atttack again. Every groups 2 minutes, across block rests 1 minute, finish 3 ~ 4 groups. Requirement: Fast double hit, change the line is bit more, weight is trenchant. (Maneuvering target of 2) double hit: Left, right hand holds Party A respectively one foot target, much in shift azimuth gives target; A variety of attack method double hit are used after Party B classics is judged 3 ~ 5, the exercise repeats after pulling open a distance. Every groups 3 minutes, across block rests 1 minute, finish 3 ~ 4 groups. Requirement: Judgement is accurate, attack reachs the designated position fast, the method is changeful.
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