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Come loose to wushu hit match rhythm discuss

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Defended purpose guards his door namely, all sorts of methods that do not let adversary hit and adopt, measure and method. Defend cent is inactive defend and defend actively. The focal point that we debate is inactive defend change to what defend actively. This kind is changed had jumped over more suddenly, defend that is to say rhythm change is more distinct better. The key is to be in why how the opportunity is applied, how be destroyed or dissolve the attack of adversary, thereby conspire strikes back. In do not search attack chance to perhaps need to adjust observation to be in confront each other or defend when condition, should hold right now advocate apostate achieve, namely form of conscious active commutation body, footwork, speed, attack prevent a technology to wait, cause psychology to affect to adversary, bring into play and with rhythm change squelchs adversary, the aggression rhythm of disturbed adversary, destroy its normal technology play, catch opportunity for combat, inflict strikes back quickly. Medicinal powder hit the match to kick, dozen, throw stereo charge, belong to complex (choice) reaction. If be in confronting process, do not know adversary is progress or jump a pace, it is boxing or leg attack, want to be below this kind of complex, changeful, difficult situation, place of angle of the rate that attacks according to adversary, distance, attack, stroke hold rhythm, rapid and strike back well and truly, with respect to requirement athlete adroitness control comes loose the inherent laws that calls ability, tactics, reserve meets all sorts of charge method and defend the ability that strike back, tactics; Raise the rationality of technical movement, especially between the movement join should simple and easy, practical, rise thereby strike back speed. Anyhow, defend the aggression rhythm that the rhythm in striking back alternates even if should break adversary to had been built hard, build the rhythm that suits oneself afresh.
In education training, hypothesis sex exercise and conjugate attack those who prevent an exercise to be able to raise an athlete effectively to defend advocate apostate achieve ability. Be like: (1) assumes the gender practices: In place or shift, tentative idea adversary uses attack of law of some kind of ability, oneself are in make defend movement while or defend after the movement, apply what overcome to hit a law to strike back. Requirement: Mental concentration, rhythm consciousness is strong, strike back action law is changeful. (2) attacks defend a practice: Party A is enrolled with sheet or combination provokes attack repeatedly, the distance that Party B shift casts off ignore far ignore close, speed ignore fast ignore slow, the plan assault with destroying armour rhythm, catch opportunity for combat, again inflict strikes back. Requirement: Law of armour attack action is changeful; Second rhythm consciousness is strong, knock down instead fast. Conclusion and proposal
(1) the importance in view of match rhythm, the athlete should understand in the round and master every technicality, coequal to behavioral rhythm and tactical rhythm take seriously, ability masters in the match advocate apostate achieve.
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