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Theory medicinal powder the characteristic that " of "" spatio-temporal differen

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1 research technique
Investigated Zhang Wen wide, Xi Yuntai, Men Huifeng, Xia Baihua, Di Jinsheng, Wang Deying, He Ziwen, Wang Shougang, king is defended, teach 4 people among them; 5 people of associate professor; 1 person of high coach; Instructor 4 people. The of school age in them is the 55 years longest, the 10 years shortest. The content of investigation includes: Name concept, affect the element of actual combat ability and training method; Consult games of the 7th whole nation comes loose the kinescope of what is actually happening of hand final, the action that chooses a model analyses research; Consulted many wushu data and monograph, key the theory of the art of attack and defense in wushu a few traditions and contemporary medicinal powder the characteristic of hand contest undertakes comparative study. On this foundation knot co-worker is begun from 1979 come loose to hand education training is carried out and be participated in by Chinese wushu academy (wushu of former state Sport Commission is in) all sorts of seminars such as constituent technology and theory, regulation and judgment, education and training, with the judgment the job undertook summing up.
2 analysises and discuss
2. The 1 characteristic that applies a distance to need dozen of way and " of difference of effect " distance are when pointing to bilateral stand facing each other, the athlete is being finished attack the margin that invalid distance and actual and effective distance appear in preventing behavioral course. Medicinal powder in hand actual combat, there all is certain span when bilateral athlete confronts each other. A fine athlete often is when active aggression, move through fast pace, hold effective striking distance, make attack enrols a law to touch the apogee of strength is when the other side, the margin of right now invalid distance and actual and effective distance is very few; When defend, move through accurate footwork, or it is to be made a bit contain a bosom, receive hip, turn lumbar movement, appropriate ground kept away from the aggression of the other side, then can rapid still enrol in time strike back, occurrence distance difference is very few also. And a low-level player, often cannot touch in the movement when active aggression the other side; Often do not avoid when defend the attack of the other side, or " retreats a thousand li, decamp " , missed the good opportunity that strike back time and again. These phenomena explain, the athlete is being finished attack when defending an action, the margin that generates invalid distance and effective distance is less, its are apart from a feeling to had been jumped over. " China comes loose hand " say " is apart from feeling " to be namely medicinal powder the specialization consciousness of hand athlete or depth perception. The judgement that it includes to leave to the span of oneself and the other side not only, identify, still have pair of itself actions between the understanding of territory, this basically is the vision that relies on double eye and pallium the harmonious activity of corresponding centre, arise on the base that expands differential impressibility adequately. Apply " to be apart from poor " to hit a law to have the following 3 characteristics:
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