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Theory medicinal powder the characteristic that " of "" spatio-temporal differen

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" of feeling of 1) " distance comes loose when hand stand facing each other, both sides is in drastically activity, I am retreated into those, those shines into me, change not is measured. Adversary reaction is sharp, skilled, footwork is agile, master attack the difficulty that prevents effective distance bigger, it is easy to be compared conversely. Additional, the height to stature, apply kick differently, dozen, throw a technology, its attack the effective distance that prevent to also have apparent difference, the technology because of each one, reaction, ability each other are restricted each other, mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. What the distance feels is good with difference can change, it is with what differ adversary photograph is compared, the other party is good my criterion is poor, I am good those is poor, common saying says " is strong in still have strong in hand " . So, the distance sense that enhances an athlete is to come loose the important segment that the hand trains, often must catch, catch repeatedly.
2) grabs the effective distance that attack to come loose when hand actual combat, although bilateral span always is in instantaneous 10 thousand change in, but initiate when the athlete grab when attacking, must be apart from with stroke of quick first-rate of footwork race to control hard, hit opponent well and truly, make its suffer the most serious blow. Right now, oneself can maintain again most change defended good space and posture easily, namely " is entered can attack, force spot is precise; Retreat can defend, commutation is agile.
The effective distance that 3) defends comes loose hand match voucher defends purely is to cannot gain a victory. Defended purpose, it is to avoid the other side to be hit cent place; 2 be can strike back in time again after defend adversary, become passive to be active. Accordingly, the distance that the other side can keep away from to atttack an ability when defending is shorter better, sometimes of a few Mm be apart from, just shrink even body, turn the waist is OK head off a danger (the moment that seizes unbalance of the other side namely gives quickly strike back) , in order to achieve extremely high successful rate. Everybody knows, of train in excess specified length defend distance, although can keep away from the aggression of the other side, strike back to oneself however increased difficulty, miss good opportunity even, be in the condition that passivity takes a beating, this is what cannot take is inactive make a way. Anyhow, increase the capacity that uses a distance to need dozen of way, the rate with hang on floating footwork and flexibility, because,this is, the rate with floating footwork and accuracy, flexibility affects the result that adjusts a distance directly. Wushu adage says: "The pace is slow a fist (leg) slow " , come loose so the footwork of the hand must accomplish " disease, accurate, vivid, firm " 4 words. "Disease " is to show speed wants fast; "Accurate " is to show mobile distance wants accurate without by accident; "Vivid " is to show dodge of advance and retreat wants agile freely; "Firm " is to show control of centre of gravity wants smooth, anything but but unbalance.
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