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Theory medicinal powder the characteristic that " of "" spatio-temporal differen

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2. The 3 characteristics that apply a space to need dozen of way and poor " of classified " space point to an athlete to expose adversary in the body when actual combat only but stroke place and defend the dimensional margin of place. Medicinal powder hand match is in order to notch of victory or defeat of how many assess, " regular " formulary " hits ability of significant position " to notch apparently. Accordingly, actual combat both sides avoids the other side as far as possible to hit, break through the line of defence of the other side in try every means again at the same time. Comparative when adversary level so when, effective stroke space is exposed bigger (the) outside needing except special tactics, the possibility that is hit is larger; Conversely, big earth increased assurance coefficient. Apply " space to differ " to hit a law to have the following 3 sort:
1) narrows the space is situation of provision of an actual combat likewise, black just use the body small bend sink, sword arm bends ancon at right bosom before, left arm bends lesser, before park body, side direction stands, compare with diamonds photograph, expose the vacuum that can make lesser, this is one of ways of contractible space; Black just hang down two arms at body side, exposed space is very large, and diamonds preparation is attacked with leg law black just fall dish, at the same time two closefisted are protected at thing upper part of the body, because right now black if just undertaking striking back, the place that atttacks with the best will in the world is the head or trunk, diamonds uses this kind to attack those who defend the approach that behavioral pose is contractible space.
The hand is two doors " , attack reasonably preventing a pose should be to be hit should prevent below, attack left beard to protect right, when attacking others, should mature can strike back to others the place of oneself and attack, had made the preparation that be on guard, this ability is to send success tricks of the trade to want.
2) extortion space " medicinal powder the hand is regular " regulation, eliminating the other position beyond two arms is significant position, those who atttack limits is wide place of project of other the art of attack and defense in wushu cannot be reached. Coming loose in hand match, bilateral athlete applies his agile footwork shift severally, fast and adept attack method in an attempt to is enrolled get effective, hit opponent. " China comes loose hand " those who say for " take by storm, straight take " tactics, pledge actually even if make a way slow with be being made quickly.
When 3) transfers a space to point to actual combat namely, the combination that the person that attack actively uses true and false enrols what the law changes opposite party to defend space, achieve hit its the purpose of significant position. Black just attack diamonds head with left fist empty, then atttacks its bosom with right strong fist, in transferred diamonds to defend place and after showing the space under bosom, continue to attack its trunk with right pedal leg, cause diamonds impossible to defend effectively. This is " the hand that send a head, dozen secondhand white " (is attacked between cent of " , " " Chinese wushu big dictionary " ) typical a specific example of a battle. 2. 4 improve the training the way to deal with a situation that handles distance difference, time difference, space difference to call law ability 2. 4. 1 improve the training the way to deal with a situation that handles a distance to need the capability that make a way from the watch 1 in can see, raise the training method with apply a distance to differ effect of the ability that make a way better to have the 2nd, 4, 5, 6, 7, many experts also think method of 7 kinds of training has better training effect, dan Yinggen has specific aim ground to choose according to the level of the object.
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