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Theory medicinal powder the characteristic that " of "" spatio-temporal differen

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Watch 3 raise the training method with apply a space to differ effect of the ability that make a way better
Training method selects a number / person
1 study the principle that defends photograph contain " according to " , firm is caught attack the compasses plasticity that defends an action to practice 8
The 2 principles that lay " strictly according to photograph of " false or true design behavioral combination to undertake iteration practicing 8
3 people undertake assuming the gender practices attacking defending an action alone 5
4 " is given enrol the " that feed target to practice 13
5 ask companion help, the assorted act that uses a provision undertakes attacking defending a practice 7
6 ask companion help, optional sex ground applies stroke movement to undertake attacking defending a practice 12
7 conditions actual combat 13
8 actual combat 8
3 conclusion
1) is coming loose put forward on the foundation that the theory that " uses to be apart from time of poor " , " to differ space of " , " to differ " to make a way in hand actual combat is the theory of the art of attack and defense in wushu that summing up a tradition, it has clearly, facilitating understanding, practical strong characteristic.
2) athlete feels in the " distance when actual combat, the specialization that makes a way to hold " to be apart from poor " namely is conscious. Grabbing the effective distance that attack actively should be to hit accurate, facilitate retreat defend; Defended effective distance should be to avoid its atttack an ability, facilitate strike back.
The substance that 3) uses " time to differ " to make a way is to point to the optimal opportunity problem that strike back, namely " gives by " of skip over of person old force strike back; "The power that takes a person, force " that rents a person and " did not send " to give by person strong force nick.
4) applies " space to differ " to hit a law to have 3 sort model: It is contractible space, be used at protecting his or prevent others attack; 2 it is extortion space, use at be being grabbed quickly to attack, one action gets effective; 3 it is move space, use Yu Lianzhao to be hit quickly, make adversary impossible to defend effectively.
5) raises the effective training that applies distance difference, time difference, space difference to call law ability the method is more, the key is because of the person different, specific aim is stronger, its train the effect to had been jumped over.

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