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What is Chinese kongfu

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What is Chinese kongfu? What is contemporary medicinal powder dozen? This is really complex and simple question. Actually, from look substantially, both be like without distinction, it is pursuit make a person and do not make at the person. In recent years, contemporary medicinal powder hit the attitude with Chinese kongfu a few times to contend for battle with foreign fist foot, all with very preponderance get victory, compatriots cheers encouragement, fill say Chinese kongfu is fierce! Wait a moment, endless however in adept person eye such. Contemporary medicinal powder hit can you represent Chinese time really? Why someone says contemporary medicinal powder dozen without wushu flavour, besides is gotten the better of messy, not by suspicion letting a person are its " of " bogus kongfu? See Zhi Jianren, chinese kongfu and contemporary come loose to hit or have very big distinction, it may be said this girl is not that duck head.
Mention Chinese time, name reverberate like thunder of Li Xiaolong. No matter compatriots, foreigner, all be profuse in praise to the boxing foot craft of its essence clever unsurpassed, its are dauntless make a person swing gas ileum up to now with the mental temperament of unruly, deplorable this the person already went, boxing kongfu already became cut to ring absolutely. Sun Lutang does not exert oneself to do sth. and the by superb of force, raise one's hand of king Xiang fast carries sufficient the brandish between asperses freely, the firm intense like Zhao Daoxin as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood is strong, not by let popular feeling toward the god gallop, recall unceasingly! This ability is right Chinese time.
The root implant of Chinese kongfu passes fierce to learn formerly at Chinese folk in the center, its soul is the one part of Chinese traditional culture, this is not to have deniable. Contemporary medicinal powder dozen bring with the victory that proud is match of a few alleged international, but the management process of these matches is open to question, can saying is non-standard imprecise, its cannot show what issue as a result, kick dozen fall taking is contemporary medicinal powder hit expert good fun, seem to want to use this a few device only, be authentic Chinese kongfu, actually otherwise, this talks the one compartment affection that at best just deceives oneself as well as others. Try ability of fierce of view world each country, kick have Korea taekwondo, dozen have American boxer, fall Japan combines gas line, take have Brazil Gracie jujitsu. If say to kick,hit fall take the distinguishing feature that can reflect Chinese time, do not make square home laugh so hard as to spew one's food, saying is hodgepodge but! Someone says, my kick dozen fall taking is China is peculiar, be different from the fierce ability of exotic nation absolutely, the commutation of a few angle of law of foot of no more than adds the training of so-called work force such as uppercut sandbag, ran, hit a few times, throwing a law is to not worth to be carried more. (but come loose,throw a law the hit a magic weapon that protect a body. ) its pull a leg to twist neck to be watched with respect to your kongfu home when 3 days of vomit. Nafayin is is to ban with the technology, do not talk here, say contemporary medicinal powder dozen for " of " bogus kongfu but!
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