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What is Chinese kongfu

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Alleged kick dozen fall take in real kongfu home key point, character of place of small dragon of plum of no less than: After I am realized greatly, one foot is one foot nevertheless, one fist is one fist nevertheless just. The core that understands thoroughly Chinese kongfu is confidential, if " centre of gravity gives " of syncretic of horse of waist of body " , " to wait, when wait enemy comes, centre of gravity easily, be like,powerful force is conducted mercuric discharge ground, nowhere does not come, the degree of tightness of muscle is changed, beg 100 ferry but also, kick dozen fall take all ear of more than thing!
Here, oneself sincere hope to come loose dozen of king people, drop frame work, go to folk deep the rich nutrition of derive Yuan Wuxue, in order to make up for the place with oneself insufficient a priori, so Chinese kongfu have the aid of is contemporary medicinal powder hit strong behavioral mechanism to be sure rule the region at world Wu Tan, the king of right Chinese time is in before long perhaps can horizontal sky is born in the future.

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