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Boxing leg combination is coming loose hand match is applied mediumly

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Boxing leg combination is coming loose hand match is applied mediumly

Ma Yue is strong, geng Baomin
Summary: Use successful technology to be in the match, to its the structure combines an opportunity, with line art cooperate to undertake an analysis, in order to decide better technology, carry out a technology to undertake classified establishing technical system pattern with this pair.
Keyword: Kick of assorted fist side places boxing straight fist

Foreword wushu, it is one of precious culture bequest of the Chinese nation, also be the project of ethical tradition sports that is main content with the art of attack and defense in wushu. Its connotation is rich, broad and profound. Medicinal powder hand motion is its main component, it is a battle of wits, relatively the antagonism contest project of ability.
Medicinal powder hand motion regards an antagonism as stronger project, the player wants the victory that amid wins the contest, the element is many sided, among them especially with athlete technology and tactics and psychological quality do not divide. With respect to the technology character, it can be divided for individual technology and assorted technology two big kinds. Assorted technology can be divided again for upper limbs combination and lower limbs are combined, but come loose relatively hand motion characteristic and theory, go up, technology of lower limbs combination is impartible cut, in other words only fluctuation limb movement combines a technology just is to come loose the main action technology that the hand moves. Again uptodate medicinal powder the hand notchs regularly reach actual combat to make a way and talk, can familiar control cooperate up and down, "Point to on hit, point to next actual combat technologies that make " , entered namely deeper technical domain. Hand of " of olden and proverbial cloud is two doors, rely on a leg to hit person " completely, this also explains, if use the body in the round,each place participates in actual combat, sufficient play, ability expands oneself capacity effectively, conquer adversary.
So far, the article tries to observe movement of to a few kinds commonly used combination to handle a case mediumly in the match, use frequency, significant number, successful to its rate and significant proportion undertake statistic, analysis and discuss, thereby the match that to come loose the hand moves and training offer next one ginseng to occupy.
1 research target and method
(1) research target. Come loose to the 8th the national games the Hunan group with the higher level in hand preliminary contest, Heibei team, Shandong team 15 team member apply boxing leg combination to undertake survey in the match () seeing a table.
(2) research technique: Document summarizes a law; Observation law; Data analyses a way.
2 analysises and discuss
(Kick of the side before 1) follows defensive position straight fist. Use number is 64, significant number is achieved 51 times, successful rate occupies 79 % . Side kick leg follows defensive position straight fist before movement of combination of this fist leg basically reflects strength big, rate is rapid, suit at aggression, the athletic line of two single acts is linear, attack its adversary bosom and head, have " to point to issue those who hit " to study a law, will explain focus of the oneself after using this act to athlete oneself changeless, still can react randomly go out again all sorts of movements and defend. This movement has strong power, suit to be applied at the athlete with tall figure commonly.
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