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Boxing leg combination is coming loose hand match is applied mediumly

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Express combination of leg of fist of 1 Hunan team, Heibei team, Shandong team to use circumstance statistics
Significant number leads behavioral name use number successfully (% ) use scale (% )
Before after side kick straight fist 64 51 79 22
Leg 60 48 80 20 is placed after the leg is added behind
Before after straight fist is added after little margin leg 45 25 55 16 of big edge leg
Leg hind places 30 18 60 11 of kick of the side after the fist is added behind
After hand case is blocked before, straight fist is added behind leg 54 43 79 18
35 18 51 13 of leg of the Xiaobian before after toing step on before, straight fist is added
(The fist is placed after the leg is added behind 2) . Use frequency is 60, significant number is achieved 48 times, lead 80 % successfully. The line of single act movement of this movement is curve, its characteristic basically is reflected in force big, general effect strikes back at defending, attack its to reach pectoral waist place to at hand ministry, have " to point to on dozen of way that makes next " . This dozen of law is successful rate is top, but its defect is after should giving this start, athlete oneself centre of gravity moves substantially, cannot make defend in time reach reentry to attack. Suit to be used when bilateral athlete physical strength is used up in great quantities commonly.
(Straight fist of defensive position of leg of the Xiaobian before 3) is added behind leg. Use frequency is 45, businesslike 25, successful rate occupies 55 % . Speed of the requirement when this movement is applied must particularly fast, apply to aggression, the in going up below 3 large position that atttack adversary. Specific aggression course is first curve is again linear again hind curve, its characteristic is fast aggression, strike where the enemy is unprepared. Apply to a movement nimble, the athlete with rapid rate is applied.
(Kick of side of the face about after the fist is added is placed after little margin leg follows after 4) . Of the movement apply a frequency to be 30 times, significant number is achieved 18 times, successful rate is 60 % . The characteristic of this movement is what the distance pulls open of purpose when hitting go all out to use in both sides, seize the opportunity to notch. Attacking a course is curve, curve is again linear. The player needs to withdraw body centre of gravity quickly after stroke is over. This movement suits to be applied at the athlete of flexibility.
(Case of the hand before 5) is blocked, defensive position straight fist is added behind leg. Of this combination movement apply a frequency to be 54 times, businesslike it is 43 times, successful rate achieves 77 % . This movement is applied commonly strike back at defending, aggression course first straight hind curve. Because of the movement inertial big, opposite under have very great power, tightening with adversary when forcing, use most ideal. General with respect to force big, fierce have the athlete with aggression intense sex to use, relatively appropriate.
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