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Boxing leg combination is coming loose hand match is applied mediumly

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(Leg of the Xiaobian before 6) foreleg is toing step on with defensive position straight fist is added. Of the movement using a number is 35, businesslike it is 18 times, successful rate achieves 51 % . This movement applies to aggression to notch, aggression course is linear, linear reach curve. Belong to deft make a way. When the athlete completes this exercise, still can retain core changeless, at any time tenability strikes back reach hit out.
3 summary and proposal
(After kick of the side before 1) straight fist, its behave speed fast, power is great, the athlete can apply the harmonious sex of oneself to produce potential power as far as possible, the number is used in the match much, and successful rate is high, power is great, can give the other side a power of very strong terrorize with military force at any time, the exercise should be advocated to reach energetically in the training that the hand comes loose after so I suggest to be in and match use.
(2) hind places kick of the side after the fist adds face about after little margin leg, the quality with the flexibility that behaves a movement and athlete oneself good psychology. This movement belongs to deft and flexible genre. After aggression is over pull open a distance in time to give side kick to notch, do not give the other side the chance that strike back, and oneself can notch apparently again. This movements is technical intense, reflected the marrow of the art of attack and defense in wushu of China wushu truly, should advocate an exercise to reach energetically in the following training so use.
(3) constitutes an act to other, as the foundation of full-scale technology, we also should strengthen training appropriately, for the following medicinal powder hand career lays next firm foundations.

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