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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a

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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a system

Zhao Guangsheng
Summary: In the light of at present wushu comes loose the problem that the hand exists in athletic project development, use the rule that athletics sports develops and theory,
Put forward to build perfect one a complete set of fosters Gao Shuiping wushu to come loose the necessity that hand athlete science changes a system and its theory are conceived.
Keyword: Wushu comes loose hand; Science changes a system; High level athlete: Academic
One foreword
In recent years, athletics sports coruscate gives unprecedented lease of life, the athlete that fosters Gao Shuiping formed science to change not only, and formed systematize, this also is the urgent need that athletics sports oneself admits. The wushu that regards athletics athletic sports as one of projects comes loose hand, although development is rapidder in last few years, but because its are formal the time that is on athletics sport is shorter, with other athletics athletic project phase is compared, still put in photograph v to be apart from in a lot of respect; Foster high level wushu to come loose especially hand athlete has not form systematic project, this with at present wushu comes loose the foreground that the hand moves to achieve flying progress in place of home, international does not suit. Wushu comes loose the hand should move toward the world, enter an Olympic Games, the science that must build an athlete of complete education high level changes a system. A lot of personages also were made to this special subject relevant discuss, the article plans to undertake be treatised integratedly with respect to the structural frame of this system.
2 text
1 cause system
Current, wushu comes loose the dimensions of hand match, outside entering the Olympic Games except of short duration, it may be said is more all ready. Wait like tounament of countrywide tounament, the national games, Asia, world tounament. The game of what dimensions does the athlete play? What kind of result be about to obtain? This is cause system. From management center of sports of wushu of national Sport Commission, to the province (city) the wushu that reachs local Sport Commission is in charge of a branch, want to have clear responsibility and division of labor, want the property that organizes according to belonging to sports and real case, the cause system with respective establish.
System of 2 select material
After cause system is built, what should solve above all is select material problem. Select material is choose athlete not only, still should include choose trainer. Trainer and athlete are the main body that motion trains and object, which appear on one hand problem, can affect wushu of education high level to come loose directly hand athlete the quality of project of this one system.
3. 1 choose trainer
Trainer is having dominant effect in developing process of high level athlete. His since motion trains the architect of the process, organizer, the pedagogue that is an athlete and preceptorial. Choose gives eligible trainer, it is successfully education high level wushu comes loose the key of hand athlete.
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