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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a

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We think, choose wushu comes loose hand trainer, should pay attention to the following and primary quality and condition.
3. 1. 1 intense enterprise and working sense of responsibility
Come loose as wushu hand trainer, must have deep love for the motherland, have deep love for sports facilities, realise the duty of own bear deeply, everything for wushu career; Want to have self-abnegation mind, not the expedience of dispute individual, brave carries weight; Want to have gritty tenacious will, can experience all sorts of setbacks and failure, be brave in to rise in adversity.
3. 1. 2 necessary professional knowledge
The special knowledge that wushu comes loose to hand trainer should understand and master basically includes to train academic knowledge (general training theory and wushu come loose the hand is special train academic) ; Fundamental theory knowledge (athletic anatomy, motion living things of biochemistry of physiological, motion, exercise the) such as psychology of mechanical, sports medicine, sports; Special and academic knowledge (Chinese wushu history, wushu comes loose the characteristic of the hand, wushu comes loose hand motion develops a tendency, and come loose with wushu the hand is special concerned academic knowledge) .
3. 1. 3 wushu come loose hand major skill
Wushu comes loose hand trainer should be familiar with wushu to come loose the hand is special skill. Only this, ability profundity knows athletics wushu come loose the law with hand underlying motion and characteristic, ability has special sensitivity to this major, often can rely on oneself to go subliminally even thinking activity and intuition, come loose to wushu a lot of problems in hand major domain make proper analysis, judgement and foreknow.
3. 1. Method of 4 familiar training
Wushu comes loose the basic knowledge that hand trainer wants to know pedagogic principle and method, familiar wushu comes loose the hand concerns the rule and principle in athletic training, master wushu to come loose the method that hand motion trains, method and measure, can train cycle according to what differ (level) the athlete that reachs different weight level, different technology type, different style to make a way, specific aim ground undertakes training, because of,accomplish truly when teach students in accordance of their aptitude.
3. 1. 5 be good at sum up and learning, be brave in to explore and innovate
Athletics wushu comes loose hand motion is developing ahead ceaselessly, must be good at summing up the lesson of successful in the past experience and failure as trainer, study introduces advanced technology, use newest scientific research achievement and academic and directive training. In training, set out from actual combat, on ability tactics bold innovation, accomplish a person to have me, the person also has without me; In the meantime, traditional wushu theory and method, be united in wedlock with photograph of modern science and technology, thinking is banner, recognizant lead, the team that strives to make oneself take, go in wushu to come loose the front row that hand motion develops.
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