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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a

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3. 2 wushu come loose the select material of hand athlete
Wushu comes loose hand motion has its special project demand. Choose optimum wushu to come loose the young plant that hand project asks accepts training, can get the result of get twice the result with half the effort. When select material, answer to undertake integratedly evaluating from many sided.
3. 2. 1 in recent years match achievement
Start comes loose high hand team, should the " of " semi-manufactured goods with match good in recent years achievement or team member of " of " finished product enter choose team. Fixed number of year of the training way that notices to inspect this team member, training, see its whether have the latent capacity that continues to develop in special respect.
3. 2. 2 function state
The athlete's function includes the function of cardiovascular function, breath function, neurological function and athletic system to wait, should instrument of have the aid of has test and opinion to these function. Suffer genetic element to affect bigger functional field to those especially (like) of cardiovascular system function, answer to try to check mainly. These functional states are better, potential is greater, it is good young plant. When state of assess athlete function, should consider training fixed number of year mainly this one element.
3. 2. State of 3 physical ability
Wushu comes loose when hand match, each other of on the stage two people is punching bag with the body of the other side, mutual stroke, direct confrontation, competition is intense, athletic strength is great, the machine that breath is not had almost in the match. Accordingly, extremely tall to physical ability requirement of the athlete (the) such as force, speed, endurance, withy, delicacy; Be opposite especially special endurance (the endurance that do not have oxygen gives priority to) , speed power and erupt force have special demand. When evaluation, answer to take seriously doubly to afore-mentioned physical ability respects.
3. 2. 4 training fixed number of year
Accept the athlete with the time of normal training is short and good achievement, development potential is great; Contrary, the time that accepts normal training is long, and military successes flatly, can become only accompany practice.
3. 2. The defect of 5 athletes
The athlete's defect has a priori and acquired. No matter which be on one hand defect, want to analyse the account that produces defect, see its whether can be corrected. Some defect are corrected very hard. For example some wushu comes loose success of hand athlete campaign is passable, dan Jizi situation and footwork are mobile, the motive force that had formed a mistake finalizes the design, corrected very hard. Come loose in wushu when hand athlete select material, the attention observes their defect, see its whether can be corrected. Because certain defect cannot be corrected,some athletes are, from beginning to end short of high level. Accordingly, when select material the attention observes the athlete's defect is quite important.
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