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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a

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3. 2. 6 face a consciousness and psychological quality
Face a consciousness and psychological quality, come loose to wushu for hand athlete crucial. The level when some athletes train is very high, but went up arena, criterion hurry-scurry, be at a loss; Still some athletes encounter weaker than oneself opponent, hit very suitably, once encounter a bit a bit stronger than oneself opponent, nervous fear, what movement also is done do not come out. This kind of athlete faces a consciousness and psychological quality because of its namely bad, although pass training,rise, but the wushu that should become Gao Shuiping comes loose hand athlete is very difficult.
3. 2. 7 configuration index
Wushu comes loose hand match is to press the athlete's weight to divide level to undertake. The athlete in same level because weight photograph is about the same, body configuration is affecting an athlete to will be in henceforth on certain level the development of special respect, a few main index are answered when select material, wait like length of limb of height, fluctuation undertake metrical, to the body the scale between each part undertakes metrical computation, can consult mode of index of configuration of fine athlete body undertakes comparative with the evaluation, consider the technical characteristic of this athlete and the way that will develop henceforth.
3. 2. 8 technologies style reachs a feature
Wushu comes loose the technical style of hand athlete and feature each are not identical, the athlete that can get used to all sorts of types to make a way is the most outstanding of course, but this kind of athlete is very scarce. Most after the circumstance that desirable method is all in analysing place to belong to level adversary, have the select material of specific aim. Need develops which kinds of type, select the young successor of which kind of types. On this, even special attention combines configuration feature of the athlete and physical ability characteristic to consider integratedly.
3. 2. 9 bone age feature and genetic element
Wushu comes loose the inchoate select material of hand athlete should special attention this on one hand. If be to foster the athlete of large scale, should choose late-maturing model; To foster the athlete of small level, be about to choose precocity model. A few suffer genetic element to affect bigger field, should consult the relevant index of its parents is integrated assess.
4 training system
Wushu comes loose system of hand motion training basically includes those who train a plan to make; Train the solid bestow of the plan to control; Fatigue elimination; Reasonable nutrition and medical affairs are supervised wait for a respect.
4. 1 training plans make, solid bestow control
Wushu comes loose the training of the hand is above all from make training plan to begin. Trainer must train a process to make academic design beforehand to what did not come, in order to make sure training has a cause, organization, designedly undertakes. After training plans to make, final it is to want to organize the athlete's specific training practice to finish through trainer. How to organize training, it is the central segment that trains a system and key, apply namely why to plant training method and method, how bear of reasonable arrangement training. Because training plan is a kind of guiding theory file that designs beforehand, cannot apple-pie; In carrying out the process that trains a plan, regular meeting existence is certain not the place with suit actual or unreasonable training, trainer should pass designedly examination and assess, repair calm training to plan ceaselessly, the process that trains to motion carries out effective control, train the finish and trains a purpose implementation of the task in order to ensure.
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