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Wushu of education high level comes loose the science of hand athlete changes a

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4. 2 eliminate exhaustion
The wushu that fosters Gao Shuiping comes loose hand athlete, must come true through long-term and difficult training ability. If neither one can assure to eliminate the system of athlete exhaustion in time, can bring about athlete exhaustion to accumulate, thereby cannot proceed trains. No matter be to pass commutation to train a method, adjust the method such as bear, still use medicaments, physiotherapy, massage wait for medical method, want to be able to eliminate exhaustion in time only can. Wushu comes loose hand athlete restores besides what should notice muscle system outside, should take the athlete's neurological refreshment seriously more, the " recessive " that should eliminate the central nervous system that causes because of training or match in time is fatigue. Eliminate exhaustion in time, it is wushu comes loose the serious problem that must solve in course of hand motion training.
4. 3 reasonable nutrition and medical affairs are supervised
Wushu comes loose hand match strength is great, antagonism is intense. The athlete does not pass the difficult training of long-term great fortune momentum, high strenth. Go up impossibly in arena rule the region. Accordingly, must with reasonable nutrition, the machine physical ability that assures an athlete bears the training of excess load. Reasonable nutrition is not to should eat more, can make sure energy is used up with absorb a balance can, still should assure to the special nutrition during weight is decreased before the athlete absorbs a few indispensible microelement and contest. In addition, medical affairs supervises pair of wushu to come loose hand motion training is attached most importance to especially should, no matter be the prevention and cure that motion injures, still train the effect to motion diagnose, eliminate fatiguely, reasonable arrangement of nutrition, must cooperate next undertaking closely in what medical affairs supervises.
5 games system
The athletic level when training is the athletics level that cannot go up on behalf of arena. The top sports level that can show the place when training, utmost ground comes out in the play on match arena, just be the real purpose of training. The true athletics level on this kind of arena relies on to train only cannot be obtained, must build the game system with one sound a complete set of. By arrive greatly small, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, both neither can be too close, also cannot pass scanty. Carry these games, make an athlete ceaseless get take exercise and rising, progressively trend is mature, achieve Gao Shuiping finally.
System of 6 scientific research
The wushu that fosters Gao Shuiping comes loose hand athlete, should build a wushu to come loose the scientific research system with special hand. Although this are accomplished very hard at present, dan Congwu art comes loose is in light of the development of hand motion project must. Because trainer itself is engaged in professional scientific research having very big limitation, build special scientific research orgnaization only, take an active part in in trainer below, to fostering Gao Shuiping wushu comes loose each crucial question in hand athlete process, have thorough and careful research; Manage the gain that the institute reachs at specific practice again, the help solves those to wait for the real problem that the respect exists in select material and training, ability makes wushu of whole education high level comes loose over the base that athlete system builds the hand to be changed in science, realize wushu of education high level to come loose thereby the ultimate goal of hand athlete.
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