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Medicinal powder the psychological quality training that makes an athlete and ad

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Medicinal powder the psychological quality training that makes an athlete and adjusting control

One, come loose method of dozen of athlete psychology training
(One) idea trains a law
Idea training law is to show have the aid of imagines or athletic idea undertakes the psychology of ego is alluded, improve feature of individual character psychology and psychological process thereby. If autosuggestion undertakes before the match, in order to focus attention; Also can imagine the condition that appears in the match, oneself should use tactics of what kind of ability to make do. The language that reappearance can have ego adjusts and encourage, him suggestion is loosened, maintain stable mood.
(2) revulsive training law
Revulsive training law is the psychological training method that shows through the outside stimulation guides an athlete to be carried out according to booked requirement. The stimulation of the outside can take the step such as signal, countersign, multimedia. Commonly used revulsive method has encourage, inspire, persuade, citing and criticism. Additionally the coach can be adopted set an example, the intuitionistic method such as multimedia passes information to the athlete.
(3) imitate trains a law
Simulation training law is all sorts of appears possibly circumstances in pointing to to the competition is set in training, make the athlete is below the condition of similar competition, take exercise and rise to get used to the training method of ability to formal match psychology. Simulative object has 2 commonly. The first, the encounters possibly adversary in imitate match, the technical characteristic that is aimed at the other side makes corresponding tactics make a way; The 2nd, imitate match environment, make through imitate match environment the athlete gets used to the encounters possibly psychogenic disorder in the match, remove the effect that match environment brings; The 3rd, imitate match program, of the day of imitate match program is to make the athlete gets used to the match to develop first-rate athletics standard thereby.
2, method of adjusting control of common psychogenic disorder
(One) het-up
Produce het-up account, have 3 kinds commonly: 1, be fear of adversary, 2, want to win be afraid of be defeated, 3, match experience is little.
Overcoming what the method is fear of adversary to overcome a method is seriously analytic adversary and him, strive finds the way of conquer adversary, establish the self-confident heart of the match, inspire fight, poised state of mind, unlock manacle, hit oneself level. Want to win be afraid of those who be defeated overcoming a method is to raise self-confident heart, stabilize a mood, how is ability tactics developed in considering the competition more, do not consider match result. The ground that right now trainer should reach is adjusted to the athlete, emphasize the importance of the match not overly. Anyhow, stabilize match mood of the athlete, undertake ego is adjusted in time, establish confidence, inspire fight, drop a load, can overcome intense sentiment certainly, gain the victory of the match.
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