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Medicinal powder the psychological quality training that makes an athlete and ad

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(2) blind self-confidence
Blind self-confidence is the ” of “ underestimate the enemy that common saying says. Incorporate takes seriously not quite in comparative contest, to the problem underestimate that the likelihood in the match appears; When the match once encounter the setback enrages impetuous with respect to impatient, cannot develop actual ability tactics level, cause the failure of the match thereby,
Overcome the education before the method makes the game of good athlete, the encounters possibly difficulty in estimating the competition adequately and setback, do good psychology to prepare, adjust good first-rate mentation, accomplish encounter strong not dread, encounter weak indefatigable, get the better of not arrogant, be defeated not to putrid.
(3) attention is dispersive
Attention is dispersive namely the “ abstracted ” that common saying place says. Incorporate is in the athlete in the match unresponsive, contest period is cranky, attention is dispersive wait.
Nurturance wants in overcoming the training when the method cares wholeheartedly, serious habit, adversary studies seriously when the match, institute corresponding tactics. The interference rejection capacity that still can undertake a few training that be aimed at raise an athlete additionally (the imitate that mentions like above paragraphs trains) .
(4) excessive excitement
Excessive excitement is to point to an athlete that he cannot adjust his excited level in appropriate time, appear premature excitement and excitement overdo. Premature or exceeding excitement can waste much energy, ability of reaction of the thinking when creating the competition drops, the movement is out of shape etc.
Overcome a method to train a method to rise to control ability and ego adjustment capacity oneself through all sorts of psychology. Additionally right amount warming-up and reasonable timeline also are to overcome excited exceeding a kind of method.
(5) inactive
Downhearted, demoralized, mood is low before inactive and main show is surpassed for the athlete, physical strength drops, devoid match confidence attends the match to wait innocently even.
Overcome a method to compare contest attitude rightly, encourage oneself, strengthen confidence, analyse oneself advantage, find the program that meets match. Additional, the training arrangement before the match wants science reasonable, avoid excessive exhaustion.
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