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The punching bag of human body

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 (one) crucial point attack

1, the head: The head is with temporal place the most fragile, the head has cranial cavity, there is a head inside its, the head is the senior position of central nervous, its organization is very flimsy, endure do not have blow, shake; It is area of eye, nose triangle next, nerve, blood-vessel distributings quite rich, sense of pain is extremely sensitive, be borne hard by the ache when blow, lose combat effectiveness accordingly even. Depth of ear root ministry also has a lot of blood-vessel and nerve to pass, stricken hind easy cause skull bottom fracture, skull internal haemorrhage, serious when can cause a person insensible, shock or death.
Attack method: Correct ministry can be used sweep the attack that kick a leg, the ministry opposite side can use straight fist or attack of side kick leg.

2, clavicular: Clavicle is located in inside the shoulder sunken the office that enter, temporary lodging during a trip is the humeral well acupuncture point with densely covered nerve. If this place is hit, can make clavicle breaks off easily. If be captured by stamp, be like all over get an electric shock and soft continous is faint, dumbstruck, although in one's right senses, unable to do what one wants very much to do however.
Attack method: Law of usable to clavicle ancon and kick leg attack.

3, cervical: Be located in a neck as a result of laryngeal in the middle of, it is place of life crucial point, hit and be gotten stuck clutch, can make breathe difficulty, strangle; Two side are carotid when reaching its branch to be oppressed, can make carotid antrum is reflexed through decompression, and make the person overworkeds dead.
Attack method: Usable sweep kick with point to stamp (or the arm is locked up) attack.

4, pectoral abdomen: The left of costal region cartilage of bosom has on lienal, right has liver, they are materiality organ, contain rich hematic antrum, after be hit, not only costal easy fracture, and liver, lienal coating is easy also burst, can cause splanchnic haemorrhage. Among them, baal classics clump is on a stomach from the back, stricken hind easy cause disgusting sickness, and two dim-sighted, faint even or die.
Attack method: Can use tick off a fist, kick leg and side kick leg give bang.

5, hilum comes crotch: Hilum is abounded to the blood-vessel of crotch and spermary, nerve, sensitivity is strong, if be carried on the head, bump, kick, can send ache to be borne hard, blood pressure drops, the whole body is lack of power, even shock, death. Reason fastens the area that can'ts bear any blow.
Attack method: Can use genu to this place top and launch an offensive is being kicked before kick leg.

6, arm ministry: The parenchyma of these two place is little, the skin is thin, the position of bone is shallow, when getting card, clutch, bang, ache is more acuteness. Finger, shoulder, ancon each key links is weaker, so easy fracture.
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