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Medicinal powder hit force trains

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Medicinal powder hit force trains

Medicinal powder the characteristic that hit force practices playing sport according to coming loose, can divide for the greatest power, fast force and power staying power 3 kinds. We need the oneself according to the athlete the need of actual condition and different athlete, expand all sorts of power in the round.
1. The training of the greatest power is the biggest force is to show the supreme power that comes out through expression of the biggest optional systole, place when overcoming resistance is worth. Erupt force index = is the biggest force ÷ exerts oneself to do sth. time. In speed particular case falls, the greatest power is the base that the athlete develops heavy fist leg. Accordingly, want to raise stroke effect to want to enhance the greatest power above all. The greatest strength that shows in the greatest strength that when the assess of the greatest power has dormant pose, shows and athletic process. Medicinal powder playing sport is the antagonism motion that is in constant motion, often dormant the greatest power is not certain in match process the result that can produce a bang. The greatest power when practicing with trends so comes assess comes loose the greatest power that makes an athlete is more significant. And also should give priority to with dynamical training in course of training of the greatest power. When normally we are undertaking the greatest power practices, use load exercise, and control of training bear intensity is controlled in 75 % , bear quantity is in 8 times or so, the set number that practices every time is controlled for 6 groups. Every groups finish to the exercise should make strong fist with the rapiddest rate or kick a leg, combine speed and power drill look so, still can achieve loosen sarcous purpose. As intensity increase, the frequency can decrease accordingly. Come loose to what initial stage undertakes force practices dozen of athlete, can reduce intensity appropriately according to his circumstance. In the process that the athlete is having the greatest power practices, should be a process that raises negative charge gradually, and every training bear should hold period of time, not be to increase everyday, want to make muscle increases the capacity that gets used to exterior stimulation, increase negative weight again. Increase exterior negative weight ceaselessly, make muscle gets used to new exterior stimulation ceaselessly, enhance the athlete's power ceaselessly thereby.
2. The training of fast force (erupt the exercise of force) so called erupt a kind force is fast force, it is the ability that shows tension has begun addition muscle to overcome resistance with the rapiddest rate. Erupt force is to come loose dozen of athlete whether the key of bang adversary. Erupt the union that force is force and speed. Medicinal powder hit an athlete to erupt the training of force, the characteristic that plays sport according to coming loose commonly has a practice, if “ sky attacks ” practice, what do not leave strength to spare with the rapiddest rate commonly is individual come loose to move or combine a movement to undertake attacking a practice for nothing; Also have have the aid of at outside force, if use adhesive plaster pulling force implement wait, bind go up in the hand or stretch obstruction is overcome to do the movement such as leg of strong fist, edge to undertake coming loose hitting on the leg special erupt force practices; Still the hand catchs dumbbell to wait to the fist undertake fulminant the exercise of force. Above exercise should be imitated medicinal powder move to undertake, such ability erupt force applies directly medicinal powder in hit actual combat, rise directly medicinal powder the stroke effect that plays an athlete. Erupt the training course of force should with not slowdown is given priority to, the set number of the exercise is unfavorable and overmuch, want next practicing undertaking to hold good position in central nervous system, and the proper rest in wanting to notice to practicing a process, should make sure the athlete is complete refection, cannot make central nervous system stimulant drop again.
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