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Theory medicinal powder hit career trains a method

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<P> 2. Speed trains a method---Intermittence trains a law
Finish hard 10 seconds practice and 20 seconds rest (10:20) achieved the demand that drills speed almost, also have 15:3Of 0, with most the intensity that be in trains a few seconds to be able to produce exhaustion quickly. Because idle time is too short between training, cause have not restore to come over from inside exhaustion, throw again train next time, achieve the goal that exceeds an amount thereby. Intermittent training still can enhance endurance and speed staying power, and not be speed completely.
3. Two kinds of forms that speed trains
1. pure speed trains;
2. raises the training that special technology undertakes with speed (if kick,hit take the combination that fall)
A. In training time to train a form in two kinds, the exercise should last the least 6 seconds, 6 seconds are to achieve exercise the shortest time that highest frequency place needs. Also be the length that is close to Yu Dian combination, must devote oneself to to increase the number of stroke in speed training, namely the biggest frequency, is not the force of stroke and technology.
B. The anoxic training of 6 seconds can bring about training frequency exceeding and tired, physical strength must get resumptive before training next time, this is the demand that speed drills. The activity when resting should active and vivid, should be low intensity, not be dormant, in order to hold neurological exalted position, can make exhaustion is able to restore as soon as possible again. Practice in the speed that arrangement answers to cannot exceed 5 6 seconds at most in a group of exercises, the set number that trains in cannot exceed 4 times at most.
4. Train a plan
Comprehensive warming-up of 20 minutes should be arranged before training every time. The training of auxiliary sex also should be the one part that trains every time, this kind trains the strategic tactical training that includes 15 minutes. Training should practice with be being corrected appropriately and arrange mobile end every time.
1. increases the training plan of special rate
(1)20 minute warming-up;
(2) special training
A. Practice 6 seconds, rest 30 seconds;
B. Every groups repeat; 5 times
C. Make 4 groups of; in all
D. Across block rests 5 minutes.
(3) assists an exercise: ?5 of the pilfer that wring Xian minute, undertake corrective practice and arranging an activity appropriately next.
2. raises the training of speed staying power to plan
In such training, practice although existence has,training the fatigue mark that has not recover last in the begining, also want to have the practice of undermentioned content:
(1)20 minute warming-up.
(Sandbag of 2) proper stroke
A. Practice 6 seconds, rest 20 seconds, repeat 5 groups, every rest 4 minutes between the group;
B. Practice 6 seconds, rest 20 seconds, repeat 5 groups, every rest 3 minutes between the group;
C. Practice 6 seconds, rest 15 seconds, repeat 5 groups, every rest 2 minutes between the group;
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