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Theory medicinal powder hit career trains a method

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D. Practice 6 seconds, rest 15 seconds, repeat 5 groups.
(3) assists training. Tactical training 15 minutes, undertake corrective practice and arranging an activity appropriately next.
Him 1. observes, undertake the training of special rate every day, with tertian undertake training the effect and do not have clear distinction, proposal fist leg is alternant (tertian) undertake;
2. undertakes the activity is not dispensable absolutely arranging, however very necessary;
3. above is the training plan of professional player, in the light of oneself carry momentum can reduce;
4. buys the stopwatch with a good quality and necessary training equipment still is very necessary, the friend of a have a common goal or pleasant become person ladder coach (be in China actually too little) also be indispensable;
5. Mr Shao Faming gives out the speed of law of fine athlete leg every second 2 legs, the data of this respect is very few, him excuse me cannot offer; again
There is the view of " of " poor Wen Fuwu in 6. Wu Lin, oneself had a dot to comprehend; it seems that
7."The cat is take the air line depends on completely the truth of mouse " is in Wu Xuezhong is likewise applicable. Of course, blind cat, the cat is taking a walk and prepare to attend the exception of feline model contest.
8. has a gun fast kind of skill medicinal powder making a player will be a country the terminator of art Great Masters, just like with dash or long-distance running major the athlete cannot blow him to already drilled fleet-footed, in major of high jump long jump oneself cannot be blown to drill gently in front of the athlete result how Oh, lifting weights boast oneself already drilled in front of professional athlete energetically the truth of divine result is euqally plain understand easily.

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