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Medicinal powder make brief introduction

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Medicinal powder dozen call again medicinal powder hand, there is a lot of planting in Chinese past dynasties appellation, be like photograph wrestle, hand wrestle, white dozen, to tearing open, the art of attack and defense in wushu. Because a variety of antagonism use the form of arena, because this is in Chinese folk,still have " make ring " say. However, present medicinal powder dozen with the tradition come loose dozen of distinction that having essence.

Present medicinal powder hitting is two people according to certain regulation, art of carry use force is kicked mediumly, dozen, fall and defend wait for a method, undertake bare-handed opposed project of contemporary sports athletics, it is the main component of Chinese wushu. Chinese wushu has form of two kinds of expression, one kind is form of the drilling that cover a region, one kind is fistfight antagonism form. Medicinal powder a kind hitting is fistfight antagonism form.

1979, heat up as Chinese wushu once more arisen, chinese Sport Commission according to athletics sports mode, saved institute of sports of Sport Commission, Beijing and Wuhan sports institute to undertake the pilot training of wushu antagonism project in Zhejiang above all, wushu did the whole nation that held in Guangxi Nanning in May at of the same age to report a performance first on congress of communication of view and emulate. Of the same age, had the competition a few times again. Made 1982 " come loose dozen of game is regular " , 1987, medicinal powder dozen be approved to be formal match project by national Sport Commission, set " organization tounament " and " individual tounament " contest is made. Wushu comes loose now hit art of pair of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu to undertake inducing, arrange, abandon their particular form, find out the rule that contains general character among them, namely China each fist is planted the boxing law of school, leg law is passed neat, summary gives their radical movement form, through high abstraction, establish attacks a technology to have form of two kinds of motion: One kind is linear model method, another kind is curve method. Boxing law with strong, hurl, copy, whip, leg law with pedal, kick, sweep, place, tick off for content, throw law basis " fall quickly " requirement and " without " characteristic, basically hold " destroy centre of gravity " and " brandish is encircled " point, innovation goes " receive action fall " and " clip is hit fall " method. In the meantime, defend the technology also differentiates for " contact defends " and " not contact defends " two kinds. Medicinal powder hit what used Chinese convention from contest in form " make ring " means, one party drops beat a drum to go out bureau it is namely be defeated square. 3 bureaus are used on agonistic method two get the better of make, the person that win two bureaus first is namely win the home. First China wushu came loose 2000 contend for hegemony surpasses dozen of king to be held in Hunan the Changsha City, hunan is defended inspected pair of matches to make whole journey report, this is Chinese wushu comes loose dozen of milepost on phylogeny, chinese wushu comes loose dozen of period that entered professional contest to make. Numerous medicinal powder hit ace to appearance athletics, in those days come loose dozen of king be come from courtyard of liberation army body " the king that break off a leg " Liu Hailong. On March 27, 2001, chinese wushu comes loose contest of dozen of king contend for hegemony come loose in association of wushu of China of national Olympic sports center hit a house to pull open heavy curtain, the direct seeding job of the match is in Hunan defended the foundation that inspects spot direct seeding to go up 2000, adopt the form of synchronous direct seeding of domestic each place and foreign TV station to undertake. Begin from Feburary 15, 2001, many 180 media is opposite the whole nation such as broadcasting station of broadcast of the stage of cable television of TV station of newspaper of youth of People's Daily, China, Chinese sports newspaper, Beijing, Beijing, people central the preparatory circumstance of the match undertook dogging reportorial, caused social all circles to call the wide attention that king contend for hegemony surpasses to coming loose 2001.
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