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Try to come loose by wushu the effect that hand competition regulation develops

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Summary: Last a period of time the 10 try out that carry, medicinal powder the hand became a state 1989 formal contest project. Medicinal powder hand regulation also was experienced from do not have have, alter perfect course ceaselessly. See not hard from inside regular modification change, technical development and contest restrict a relation regularly very outstanding. Regulation is agonistic criterion and lever, have oriented effect, it is the guideline of technical development direction; What technical development promotes regulation again is ceaseless and perfect.
Keyword: Medicinal powder hand competition regulation is oriented action
The basis of 1 selection of subject
Medicinal powder hand, ancient weigh " of wrestle of photograph of " of " hand wrestle, " , " to hit " of wrestle of apprentice of " , " in vain, the name is taken from " photograph fault cultivate, photograph comes loose hand " . Inchoative Yu Chunqiu, flourishing at Northen Song Dynasty, there ever had been " year part to try " and " gazebo to contend for those who hand in " to lift on the history. Though this calls to come loose the beginning of hand athletics, but can call antagonism campaign only, because its contest is regular not complete. Become athletics sex truly athletic sports project, tell exactly should begin from 1989. Medicinal powder the hand moves this one Gu Shuxin flower is able to develop, it is to carry out fulfil national Sport Commission 1979 " arrange wushu culture bequest about mining " the one big move of the announcement. Now, medicinal powder hand not only it is project of contest of the national games (7 carry can set big group card of one gold nugget, 8 carry can set small group card of 3 gold nugget) , and the hall that began to also enter world race from 1991, make item of competition of world wushu tournament. To develop this one project active and reliably, national Sport Commission ever entrusted Beijing body courtyard, Wuhan body courtyard, Zhejiang to save a Sport Commission 3 pilot undertake arrange and study, on the foundation that performs 3 years continuously, item of antagonism of wushu of first whole nation was held in Beijing in November 1982 (medicinal powder hand and too extremely shove a hand) performance competition. After this is annual, till 1989. Last a period of time comes loose after the 10 try out level that hold the hand just becomes a state formal contest project. If begin from the try out match 1979, produce the first regulation to be regarded as the first paragraph word to 1982, came 1982 agonistic regulation had new modification to be the 2nd phase 1988; Came to be published formally 1990 1988 " medicinal powder hand contest is regular " should be the 3rd phase; Came 1991 new 1996 " medicinal powder hand contest is regular " publish mean end of the 4th phase. The modification that from above the change of a few phase reachs regulation is not ugly piece, technical development and contest restrict a relation regularly very outstanding. Regulation is agonistic criterion and lever, have oriented effect, the guideline; that is technical development direction conversely, technical development makes regulation be perfected ceaselessly again, both unite already, contradict again, existing to be restricted each other from beginning to end, the relation of mutual influence. Regulation should admit need according to the technology comfortable into make revise with complement. Regular modification should be helpful for technical development, be beneficial to the match, easily judgment. The oriented effect that at the same time regulation develops to the technology makes its become the basis that organizes training again, regular change also can be brought necessarily come loose to hand ability, tactics is applied and train a change such as the method. Come loose to rise as soon as possible hand technology level, perfect ceaselessly medicinal powder hand contest system, hit the style of Chinese wushu and characteristic, be necessary to come loose from research hand regulation proceed with, see technical progress from regular change, study regulation and the relationship that the technology develops. The article comes loose a few times of hand regulation to revise the effect that develops directional generation to the technology to undertake treatise only, aim what to come loose hand motion develops is macroscopical and decision-making provide academic basis, to come loose the hand trains direction to provide some of academic data, the key is put in " to get the research of minute of place " respect and analysis, through coming loose to different period hand regulation gets minute of place to reach its to divide value change to undertake comparative, fluoroscopy comes loose the basic trend that hand motion develops. Its meaning is great, the influence is far-reaching. For this, the author is right 5 regulation undertake contrast since 1982, search the similarities and differences that gets minute of place and cent value.
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